Weekend DIY: Colorblock Toms.

Remember my DIY splatter paint Toms from last year, HERE? Yea, those were cool. I wore them so much that they all but fell apart. I tried to wear them last week and noticed the sole of one shoe was missing. Oh well, I needed a new pair. Hmmm.... what should I do to them? I didnt want to do the same thing over again, and wearing Toms is basically like wearing slippers around the city. I hit up Urban Outfitters and picked up a pair of natural color canvas HERE. I thought that would work better than white, which could be a little harsh. I always say the best DIYs are the easiest. Its when … [Read more...]

Happy Weekend.

  Best weekend of the year. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Weekend Inspo.

"Most men, they have a choice. Become a banker, a lawyer, a tailor, a mechanic. Me, I have no choice. No true artist has choice. I must create in order to feel alive."―Pablo Picasso My weekend inspiration, summer inspiration-really, is to try something new. Learn something new, make something new. Push beyond the boundaries of what feels familiar to capture that feeling of youth and energy and life in the process of making, learning and being. Life can get pretty stale without the constant goal of personal growth... and I think that we all have this idea, that if we are X years old and … [Read more...]