Iksel wallpaper in Iznik, hand painted decorative wallpapers by Dimonah and Mehmet Eksel. … [Read more...]

Kelly Wearstler’s New Collection for Groundworks.

Just when I thought black and white graphic lines were over, I popped in to see Kelly Wearstler's new collection for Lee Sofa's Groundworks at the D&D. WOW. She's introduced some new fabrics and wall coverings, and for the first time a whole new line of furniture with Groundworks. The way she mixes raw and refined, structured and amorphous shapes... The subtlety of that pink/peach background. The wave of the hand painted squares. It's really good. The only thing I worry about.... as with all really good things... is that this collection is so good it will be everywhere, like her … [Read more...]

DIY: Geometric Stencil Heaven.

Remember last week when I posted that Cavern Arrow wallpaper? Well, a blog reader and blogger in her own right Ombre Ombre  emailed me and told me about these badass stencils she found on etsy called Olive Leaf Stencils. OH HOLY AWESOME. (I literally wore the outfit translation of this room today. Im going to show you later!)  I obviously picked all the ones I liked the best, but they had a much larger variety with a bunch of styles... not just these bold geometrics. So all of you people that claim you rent and can't wallpaper, DO THIS! Its so cheap($35 per stencil)  and cool, … [Read more...]

The Arrow Wallpaper.

Did any of you catch a glimpse of this wallpaper yesterday on One Kings Lane's 'High Altitude' sale? I'm usually not head over heels in love with anything on any flash site. BUT THIS WALLPAPER!!!!!! This is everything. Of course I had to google "arrow wallpaper" 10 times before I found this... Its by Cavern, and the pattern is called Tapestry. This is why I need a country house. So I can take this wallpaper, put it in a kids room behind two twin beds in red leather, with triangular tops al la KW, one crazy  swingy sconce and a sisal and you are good to go. Screw the kids, I want it for … [Read more...]

Wallpaper and stuff.

This wallpaper could be about to happen in my friend's foyer:   And maybe this one in her kitchen: I fully support both decisions. (Both Cole & Son) Another thing... On the pop culture front, I totally couldnt give less of a crap about the royal wedding, but IM OBSESSED with Dustin Zito from The Real World getting out as former gay porn fratboy "Spencer". Go figure. Speaking of completely guilty pleasures, what did you think of last week's RHONY? I loved how Alex stood up for herself but backed away with decorum and maturity! (For the record, it's not that I … [Read more...]