NUDES in Vintage Denim.

A friend forwarded this to me, thinking I would like it. YEP. A few months ago the estate of legendary photographer Sam Haskin posted this to their blog, and the images have been making the tumblr rounds.  In the seventies Levis had a competition and a traveling exhibition of denim decorated by their customers. The results were amazing. (Do you see how "DIY", and guerrilla marketing campaigns have been around forever?) Sam Haskin shot the denim, but sadly the executives at Levis got cold feet over the nudes and the photographs were never used commercially. [NSFW btw.] Who else really wants … [Read more...]

History, in color.

It's nostalgia week here on Sketch42. My husband sent me a link to this post about colorized historical photos, and damn, I dug it, I dug it real hard, so I had to repost for your enjoyment. Now, I love a black and white photo as much as anyone else. When photos are black and white, you can sort of SEE them clearer. But historical photos have a sense of distance to them, and with these colorizations, suddenly the entire history of human life seems to snap into one single frame... and it all seems more real. Somehow this is humanizing. Above: Unemployed lumber worker, circa 1939 Auto Wreck … [Read more...]

Sexy Summer.

Jean Shrimpton Slim Aarons Photo by Lionel Kazan, Glamour 1960 Via Harper’s Bazaar June 1995 by Peter Lindbergh via By me Kate Upton Summer glamour and sex appeal through the ages...The challenge we have as human beings  is to make life feel as good as it looks, and as artistic spirits- is to make it look as good as it felt to be there. Hence the joy of filters. And the appeal of instagram. I think. Have a lovely weekend! Unlabeled photos = unknown sources via pinterest. … [Read more...]

There is a living room on the street right now.

On the street, literally, about two hours ago. Some thoughts: 1. Interesting what people throw out in NYC. 2. If its on the street, it must have bed bugs. 3. The chairs kind of look like the garbage bags they are sitting next to. 4. But they also look like some of those Kelly Wearstler chairs. 5. We should start a drinking game, have a shot every time a blog mentions KW. We'd all be drunk. 6. These are those chairs, arent they, except with leather upholstery?  Should I be running to get them, bed bugs and all? I seriously would, if it weren't for the 10 extra chairs … [Read more...]


Just a few new old things I picked up this week. This is why I should be banned from antique stores.  I currently have over 10 occasional chairs in my apartment. I could host a One Kings Lane sale, I have so much crap. Echem, I mean, really awesome stuff. In addition to my Mies van der rohe mr10 (Thanks M21!) chairs  that have literally no place to go in my apt, no place at all, I also snagged this mexican sarape from Grandma. It's at least 40 years old. How does grandma literally have everything that is, was and ever will be cool? I need to figure out how to de-ball it (lolz). And also, a … [Read more...]