Saturday Morning Coffee and Tabloids.

Many of us read The Times on Saturday morning. I do too... but thats after my first cup of coffee has registered and my brain begins to wake up. With the first cup - I prefer lighter fare: blogs or sleazy tabloid pics are just right. So welcome to my "Thoughts while reading Us Weekly Online" part 2, 3 or whatever this is... Let's begin: This seems like the PERFECT gig for JWOWW. Wrestling babe. Look how much clothes she is wearing though. Surprising... the duct tape pasties and fishnet shirt actually MIGHT work in an environment like this! Look how good JWOWW looks when she cleans … [Read more...]

Gaga for the home.

So yesterday, Im browsing through Us Weekly's Hot Pics, looking for little gems to talk about like this: When I discover that they have been attempting to tackle Home Decor, in little pathetic blog like entries. Worse than that, is the fact that they are trying to meld Home Decor with pop culture. Behold: That's right. Its a post about how to translate the Lady Gaga look into home decor. Notice that they didnt tackle the meat dress. Well, no worries, cause I did it for them: Meat Dress... meet your new friend, the Meat Chair.Yea, this is real and its terrifying. And we thought … [Read more...]

Thoughts while reading US Weekly online.

Rainy Sundays. Dont ¬†you sometimes look forward to them? I do. No pressure to do something fun, so I can actually relax. While browsing Us Weekly's Hot Pics, I had thoughts. Many thoughts. Kim G - WTF is that couch? and how much better does she look without makeup and a sequined mini-skirt? Paris- whatever appeal you had, you've lost. You look absolutely ridiculous. Trying WAY to hard, and just FYI, those shoes are not for the beach. Stop writing books with "TORI" puns. Just stop please. Also, we dont wear dresses over jeans anymore. No words. Gwyneth- you are beyond gorgeous. … [Read more...]