Gilles & Baissier | Villa Bakhea, Biarritz

Architects Gilles & Boissier modernized this house in Biarritz, while preserving and respecting the house's history and personality. They called it Bakhea, which means peace.  The home was built in 1902 by the Duke of Tamales, nephew of the king of Spain. The architecture is in the French Basque style but also has British and Spanish influences, since its owner had married an English aristocrat descendant of Mary Stuart. The home fell into neglect until the most recent home owners decided to give it new life. They hired the architecture and design firm Dorothee Bossier and Patrick … [Read more...]

Greetings From | The Asbury Hotel

The revival of Asbury Park, a storied beach town with rock and roll history and greaser vibes has been talked about for at least 2 decades. With the opening of  The Asbury, the first new hotel to be built in the town in over a 60 years, one can't help but feel that the revival is finally here! They call it Brooklyn at the shore... There is a thriving arts scene, surf scene, gay scene, foodie seen, design and vintage shops popping up all over, and as much plywood and concrete and scando furniture as one could possibly wish for. I love it. I love every minute of every day of it. The Asbury is … [Read more...]

Travelogue | 100 photos of Israel.

For whatever reason, it took 10 months for me to really go through my photos from my family trip to Israel last May. I hadn't been there since I was 14, for my own brother's bar mitzvah, and I was kind of intimidated by the whole idea of traveling so far with the kids. I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but I love history in a nerdy way, and I love outdoorsy adventures, so I LOVED this trip. Plus, being with my kids, and my husband's family - who are so chill and fun to be with, and you know, genuinely like each other- was so restorative, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This was … [Read more...]

Vieques| Wild Horses + Beaches.

This past weekend we popped over to Vieques for a pre-thanksgiving vacation sans kids. Vieques is an island off of Puerto Rico that was closed to tourism until very recently. It has a very off the beaten path feel to it, along with you know: A FERAL HORSE POPULATION that is NUTS! I added some of these photos over to my shop - I'm also currently running a SALE - use code "TURKEY" for 20% OFF EVERYTHING! I'm writing a more thorough post about Vieques for Domaine Home, but I wanted to post these new photos and prints because....well... look at them. The colors! These are just a few of my … [Read more...]

American Trade Hotel

Have you seen these photos of the American Trade Hotel, in Panama, the latest outpost of the über cool Ace Hotel group? It opened this fall in Panama city,  occupying a restored landmark building in Casco Viejo. Designed by the award winning in house creative team Atelier Ace in collaboration with  Commune Design, the design harks back to Panama's colonial roots. The American Trade Hotel takes its name from the building it occupies. Built in 1917 and designed by Leonardo Villanueva Meyer, a leading local architect at the time, the building housed the American Trade Developing Company, a … [Read more...]