Weekend DIY: Colorblock Toms.

Remember my DIY splatter paint Toms from last year, HERE? Yea, those were cool. I wore them so much that they all but fell apart. I tried to wear them last week and noticed the sole of one shoe was missing. Oh well, I needed a new pair. Hmmm.... what should I do to them? I didnt want to do the same thing over again, and wearing Toms is basically like wearing slippers around the city. I hit up Urban Outfitters and picked up a pair of natural color canvas HERE. I thought that would work better than white, which could be a little harsh. I always say the best DIYs are the easiest. Its when … [Read more...]

Sketch42 & The Man Repeller Do DIY!

My friend Leandra, of Man Repeller fame came to me with a little project idea... A pair of never hit production Chloe pumps crossed her path, and she had the Eureka! moment all of us crafters have had at one point at another: The "I COULD DO THAT" moment. So we had a little DIY for Duh-mmies date at my apartment and made a project! The results are pretty stunning and their goodness is twofold: 1. They were the easiest things in the world to make and 2. They look SO LEGIT. And no it's not lost on me that she is wearing a pair of elegant Louboutin DIY'ed pumps and I'm in my painted … [Read more...]

SPLAT! DIY Splatter Sneaks.

This one is pretty self explanatory, huh? My friend Rebecca came to the studio today with a brand new pair of TOM's ┬áin tow and told me to have at it... I used a fluid acrylic paint and used a bunch of thin paint brushes to splatter the paint on. You dip the brush in the paint, and then use your wrist in a flinging motion to get the long stripy lines, or you can shake the brush to make the little dots... You can even squirt right out of the bottle if you are feeling crazy! But yea, simple is sometimes the most fun isn't it? This is a great project to do with your kids over spring break, … [Read more...]

Flat shoe season: Help!

I hate the time between wearing sandals and wearing boots... Why? Cause I never know what kind of shoes to wear. Behold: Ballerina flats hurt my back. (And Tory Burch flats hurt my head but thats a different story.) Um, not happening. I dont think I am cool enough to pull these off... (Marc $295) I see people wearing Tom's around the city, and I like this... but is this really me? $78 Soooo... the other day while shopping, I actually had so many blisters that I bought new shoes and wore them out of the store: These moccasins from JCrew. $68 Is this the equivilant of wearing … [Read more...]