Inside Roxanne Assoulin’s Amazing Studio.

Jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin is truly an inspiration. Anyone who knows her can attest to that... Aside from being the mother-in-law of the outstanding Rosie Assoulin, she's been creating jewelry in NYC for over 30 years, and is one of the sweetest, hardest working and most aesthetically on point women I have ever met. She was one of Rosie's inspirations growing up, and interning for her was how Rosie met her son and future husband! ¬†I stopped into her Flatiron studio to check it out, and it was like a creative candy land- She's got 12 foot long mood boards, bakers racks and trays full of … [Read more...]

One on One with Peter Max.

I can't even lie, or undersell this in any way, can't begin to play cool. Last week, I got to go hang at Peter Max's studio and interview him. My friend Eileen hooked me up with a meeting, and I was elated! I was told that the interview was going to be video taped (EEK!) for Peter's press¬†machine, but when I got there, we just took this one shot, and then went upstairs and sat around having coffee and shooting the shit for two hours. Me and Peter Max totally bonded. I have his cell phone number in my phone right now. Yep, we are new buddies. Peter has been on a press junket for his … [Read more...]