Shop Talk: Maison 24 NYC

Last week, I walked by a shop in my neighborhood that I've never seen before, and stopped in. It's the second store by brother sister duo, Allison Julius and Louis Marra, who were both in the store when I walked in, and are quite delightful! Maison 24 is offering up a whole lotta look: Neon, graffiti, lucite, glitter, fur, spikes, skulls abound and at first glance, the shop seems very cool, but intense. Then you spend some time perusing the art, toys, gifts, furniture and collectibles, and you think: Oh yea, I could get into this. A lucite crib, Keith Haring products (including a … [Read more...]

The Big Black Sconce.

The Brick House. I know I post about this often, but this whole sconce as art, sculpture and lighting device is just so happening for me right now. This one thing: a long armed wall light- could solve so many design problems! Like: No overhead lighting in a NYC apartment (we all know what that means: concrete ceilings and 800 lamps), large awkward wall behind sofa that one can't afford/doesnt want to fill with art, rooms that are too blah and need a JOLT of life... Well, just those few for now. But those are important! Plus a lot of these are plug ins, so you don't have to have them hard … [Read more...]

My favorite new things around the web.

As much as I love a good sale, I absolutely LOVE when there are new fun products in stores that we aren't sick to death of seeing yet... And I also love getting catalogs. Like a lot. Even bad and boring ones like Smith & Noble... (And now after I read them I throw them right in the garbage, instead of letting them pile up. It's my new life.) Anyway, there are exciting things happening! West elm has goldware! PB Teen has the furry chair that everyone is going to put with a parsons desk or mirrored vanity in 2 months, you'll know when you see it all over pinterest that I called it. Jamie … [Read more...]

Warm & Cozy Bedroom Inspiration.

I don't know who I envision sleeping in this room: a cool boy, a very cool couple, a single dude? I don't know... I just know that I like it. And with a ¬†few tweaks ( change the rug and color of blanket) I would also put a girl in it. Original room is by Ryan Korban. My version is much less sexy, but I kind of did that on purpose. 1. Pendelton Blanket $218   2. Table Lamp $273 3. Canopy Bed $699 4.Plaid Rug $599 5. Thonet Chair, $150 6. Side Table $395 7. Light Box $175 - I LOVE this for a kids room(or anyone, really). You put it on their night stand and they … [Read more...]

Interior Design Through The Ages: THE 70s, THEN & NOW.

We all know that the current trend in home decor is totally leaning towards a 70s and 80s vibe... But for those of us too young to remember the 70s (also, we weren't alive yet!) and enamored with its leftovers, what exactly does that mean? I mean, try going vintage shopping with someone who lived through the 70s as an adult. You see an awesome pair of chromed out tube chairs, they see their first cheap dinette set... You see a sexy rattan arm chair, they see a piece of porch furniture. You see a rad brass lamp, they see a cruddy.... well, you get the picture. It's hard to convince someone … [Read more...]