Foodie Friday: Inside Chobani Soho.

  I know its Saturday, I'm late with the post. Too bad. I've previously been something of a bah humbug about the Chobani store. I'm more of a Fage girl myself, and why would I need or want to go to a Chobani store? I think I kind of disapproved of Chobani's popularity when I KNOW that Fage is the better yogurt. Like I was offended on the part of Fage. And anyway, what the heck could they possibly have there? Well, a few weeks ago I was in Soho with  my friend Caroline of The Nine Month Project and she wanted to go check it out. We ended up leaving with 6 yogurts between us and … [Read more...]

THE COMEBACK: ZONA Pop Up Shop at Cheryl Hazan Gallery.

A few nights ago, I was invited to the opening of the ZONA pop up shop, at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery. For those too young to remember, ZONA was born in the early eighties in a slowly blossoming artsy new neighborhood called SOHO. Hard to imagine that at that time, the idea of the concept store was new and fresh and that ZONA was the pioneer of the type of home and general store that curates their offerings, celebrates the handmade, the collected and the original. Now it is common to see products that celebrate their origins, but back in the early 80's, ZONA was IT for … [Read more...]

Word on the street.

The streets of Soho spoke to me. Look, they really did! "Eat your veggies", "Art" and "Spread love"? I couldn't have said it better if I graffitied it myself. Those three things could be my mantra- or anyone's really- although I'd have to change it to "Make art" to keep it congruous with the other two commandments. I could spend days hunting interesting graffiti in the city, but these three appeared to me on the same street. Was it someone's intention that I find them, or does the eye see what it wants to see? Who knows what graffiti or other details I ignored in order to see … [Read more...]


I walked by a restaurant in Soho with this interior wall graffiti and snapped a picture... I got this photo of the soho street, building and a pedestrian reflected in the glass of the windows, but also the visual of the mural behind it... Fun and trippy, huh? … [Read more...]

Design Spotting: On the streets of Soho.

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