Marble + Canvas | Sam Moyer.

Sam Moyer is a Brooklyn based artist known for manipulating materials from every day life into abstraction. "With a background in photography, Moyer makes works that are monochromatic, modular, and rooted in geometry, with a focus on texture, pattern, and tactility." The daughter of a painter and a lighting designer, Sam was always very conceptually driven as an artist.  "I think that because I wasn’t a great maker of things I started having more of a relationship with materials themselves. I needed the support of a great material, or a great find, or whatever, to carry the weight for me. I … [Read more...]

Inspired| Hanna Eshel

I'm completely enamored with the work of 88 year old Israeli born artist Hanna Eshel. She was recently profiled on 1st Dibs, and the introspective was wonderful. Eshel was born in Jerusalem in the 1920's, where she studied art and even served in the armed forces during the 1948 War of Independence. She broke with the traditional expectations of her religious family and moved to Paris in 1952 where she married, had a son and continued to study painting, while showing her art in various galleries over Europe. In the 60's her art evolved into highly textured suggestive 3d paintings, with burlap … [Read more...]

Put it on a pedestal.

I might be losing it. The other day I popped in at cb2 for my bimonthly stroll around. I bought two little picture frames for all the film I've been printing, and then boom, I was inspired by a garbage can. A smoked lucite garbage can. That would make a fabulous pedestal, I thought. Elevate things and they become art. That's a real thing. Frame art and it becomes important. Raise things up and then they are up. Right? Problem is, I didnt have anything in  mind when I purchased said garbage can. I originally intended to have it sit vertically, and put something big on top. But when I got home, … [Read more...]

Studio Tour: Kat Kohl

I always talk about how fascinated I am with art that isn't paint-based. I love to learn about the way different artists use other ways, ways I don't use, to express themselves and make beautiful things. Collage, sculpture, photography are all so fantastically interesting to me.  Today I want to share the work of my friend, performance artist  and sculptor Kat Kohl. We met at some point last year and quickly became friends, sharing photos of our work and arranging studio tours. She makes large scale sculptures and light drawings that explore angular shapes, flat planes, and  light and shadow … [Read more...]

Different, but the same.

There is something mentally exciting about putting up two pieces of art and noting their similarities. On the left we have the work of Eri Imamura, a japanese artist who uses concepts from japanese mythology and Native American beadwork and embroidery techniques to create life-sized textile sculptures. Then on the right we have this photo of model Karlie Kloss  shot by Mario Testino in Bahia for Vogue . The headpiece was made on the spot with local flowers found at the hotel. Pattern on pattern, somber but glorious moods, celebrating richness and the thick tapestry that is life: two photos - … [Read more...]