Wall to Wall Sisal: Yes or No?

Im not the biggest fan of wall to wall carpeting... EVEN in a bedroom. I can see why people like it, but I'm kind of a wood floor kinda girl. I DO, however, make an exception for wall to wall sisal. In my mind its almost the only W2W carpet that I think can hold its own in a living room. Thoughts?  Photos via Coco & Kelly, Design Crisis, Mirida Blog, Material Girls I especially really really LOVE the first photo... And the last photo, I have that rug in black in my hallway (not wall to wall) its hot. … [Read more...]

Let’s retire to the Drawing Room.

The drawing room, where the ladies would retreat after dinner to be followed by the men after a cigar and some port. Notice the different ways that people arranged furniture back then. Small conversational groupings were arranged without a distinct focal point. As in, there was no TV.  And usually a piano. And lots of seating. So much better than a living room. Or a parlor. But not better than a salon. … [Read more...]

It may be monochrome, but it sure ain’t beige.

Hot pink.Lavender. Aqua. Orange.Yellow. Purple. All interiors by Jamie Drake. … [Read more...]

Beds & Benches

I love the look of a bench at the foot of a bed. Two X-benches or one long bench make for a perfect perch. William Sonoma Home Crate and Barrel Collette Bench Cb2 Axel Stool Ballard Designs X bench Jonathan Adler Bergman Bench Plantation Home X bench … [Read more...]