Sketch42 in The Design Cookbook.

  I don't know why it took me so long to get myself a copy of this book, two of my "projects" are in it! My favorite design project - The Bachelor Pad + snippets of my house, both shot by the talented Emily Johnston! The book is really cool, it's a "design cookbook" in that designer and HGTV host Kelly Edwards picks some of her favorite rooms and projects and breaks down why they are good and how to get the look. It's a mix between designer rooms and some fun DIY's. I had it around the house this weekend and everyone who picked it up really liked it... The book is broken down by room, … [Read more...]

Sketch42 + Saks POV!

I'm so dumb I actually forgot to post about this! Anyway, a few days ago Saks interviewed me for their blog Saks POV (That's POINT OF VIEW, obvs.) I know I say the same thing in every interview I love grandma, no one would talk about design with me etc etc etc... but I tried to mix it up for this one! Go read the interview HERE.¬† Have a fab day everyone! Im leaving to Croatia tonight! … [Read more...]

My “Style at Home.”

A few weeks ago, the iPad and iPhone magazine Jenesequa asked me to do a little photo shoot and interview for their Style at Home feature. What a difference a little hair and makeup makes right? You can download the Jenesequa App HERE to read the full interview.... blah, blah,blah I can't talk about myself anymore, but the pictures are pretty!¬† Thanks to Paula & Alberto of Jenesequa for an awesome interview and photo shoot! I love the way it turned out. … [Read more...]

Adore: The Art Edition.

I'm so excited to be included in this month's issue of the ¬†Australian magazine ADORE. The issue features homes and art from around the world, including many Austrailian artist's I haven't heard of, but now want to learn more about- especially artist Kate Banazi- featured on the cover- who makes these fantastic neon screen prints. LOVE THEM and I think I need one. Also included are print makers, textile designers, painters... some of them featured at home and others in their studios. I also loved the feature on the great home shops in Australia... (Don't you hate when you go somewhere and you … [Read more...]