DIY: Faux Clay Malachite

Last week Jenny posted a round up of some of her favorite faux malachite DIY's HERE. Most of them were paint based, and it got me thinking- HEY, I can do that! And quickly too. Most of them were paint based DIY's but I wanted to use one of my favorite materials- polymer clay aka SCULPEY. This is so easy, its literally child's play. Basically, start out with a few logs of different color greens, blacks white and a brown. Roll them into a tube. I kept twisting and folding the clay until it became nice and nuanced. I added more black as time went on. Twist , fold and roll back … [Read more...]

DIYing for RUE!

Check out the new issue of Rue Magazine, and hop over to page 74 where I'm working my magic on some polymer clay - making that rad necklace you see me wearing, also faux Givenchy youth/claw earrings, big fat black and white balls and some bangles (and also my hair is frizzy). Monochrome, leather, the 80's and Diet Coke forever baby! (I'm wearing an Aiko sweatshirt -similar HERE, the white and beige leather pants I blogged about earlier HERE, and studded Dolce pumps from 10 years ago.) … [Read more...]