Granny Chic

My grandmother is probably my favorite person on Earth. After summers living with her at the shore in her converted carriage house, a three week tour of Europe together when I was 14 and countless other adventures, I can safely say, any talent I have in life is derived from something she taught me. We still spend a ton of time together, shopping in the D&D and rummaging through her vintage couture. I even wore her vintage Chanel gown at my wedding! This memorial day, we are having another BBQ at her awe inspiring summer home.... It has  wood panelling, stone floors and stained glass … [Read more...]

Cooking Up a Kitchen….

It's no secret that the center of a home is usually its kitchen.(That's where the food is!) These are some of the most gorgeous kitchens that I have had in my inspiration files for a while. Kelly Wearstler wears a ball gown in hers... I adore this kitchen! but think of the fingerprints... and why doesn't the fridge match the stainless on the cabinets? This is the kitchen I wish I designed.... so beautiful!!! from Velvet and Linen. I love this modern yet homey room from Candice Olsen. She always creates such functional rooms! I took these of the Smallbone showroom in Manhattan. I … [Read more...]

Who doesn’t love a little box….

Since I just bought a vanity with no drawers, I am on the hunt for gorgeous decorative boxes to house the few beauty products I do use... Between Vivre, Plantation and Barney's, there are some gorgeous options. Horn, lacquer, shagreen.... … [Read more...]

Toe Be or Not Toe Be?

With the coming of spring, a whole new slew of etiquette/ costume appropriateness questions arise: How much skin is too much for the city? Can you ever wear shorts? What about those people wearing bikinis in Central Park? There has to be something wrong with that. But first: Sandals & The City: Sleek or  Freak? There is something so offensive to me about seeing other people's feet, and especially seeing them in such close proximity to the cockroaches and rats that peruse the city. And the condition of most of these feet are horrific.  And yet, in 90 degree weather, what other … [Read more...]

The Beach

The Beach is on HBO right now. I am watching it. A few years ago I went to THE beach backpacking with my brother. Ahhhhh, how life has changed since then. All grown up and responsible now. This is a pic of the island of Ko Phi Phi, one of my favorite places  on earth. My brother and I traveled around Thailand for a while, but the first day we had on Phi Phi was one of the best days on my life. That was when the mindset of the island began and the culture began to really set in. After spending a few days in Bangkok (ew) and then Phuket , Phi Phi was like heaven. This was about 10 months after … [Read more...]