BOOKS | Warhol’s Polaroids 1958 -1987

  I've probably blogged about Warhol's polaroids a million times now, but I don't care! The polaroid format that Warhol made famous is today being mimicked by Instagram- people are even calling Andy the original Instagrammer. Warhol was hanging around some of his eras biggest superstars-from Jack Nicholson to Audrey Hepburn, Divine to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grace Jones to Yves Saint Laurent, and beyond. Warhol took over 20,000 Polaroids between the 1950s and his death in 1987 providing "an intimate look at celebrities outside of their normal spotlight; an unpolished, impromptu glimpse … [Read more...]

Courts | Ward Roberts

Austrian photographer, Ward Roberts, spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world. Roberts' photos are usually of empty landscapes, highlighting the loneliness and isolation we experience in todays modern world. In Courts, his first book, Roberts photographs fields and courts in his native Melbourne, his childhood home of Hong Kong, as well as in New York, London and Bali. Many of the photos are from Hong Kong, where Roberts grew up and went to school. Did you know the schools in Hong Kong are often assigned a different color based on grade level? In the series we … [Read more...]


@ForCustomersOnly is an Instagram page dedicated to the public restroom. My niece turned me on to it, it's still in its itty bitty stages. The photos are grainy and iPhone-y, but I kind of love that considering the subject matter. I love a good "LOO" shot and I guess I always have. What is it about public restrooms that make people want to take photos? The mirror? The peace and quiet? The time to think? Or are they just cool looking and inherently interesting? I always bring my phone to the bathroom at restaurants, 'cause there might be something to shoot. HA. … [Read more...]


Photographer Frederik Vercruysse shot this 1950's modernist house in Saint-Forget, France. It was designed by André Wogenscky, a noted architect who worked with Le Corbusier for 20 years. I LOVE how this photographer shoots interiors, in general, and this shoot is so nicely done. I've mentally filed this away for future use. In fact, I actually shot a house after seeing this, and I definitely called upon these images when shooting ;) … [Read more...]

The Crumpled Books.

Photographer Mark Douglas describes his crumpled book series about being more about the shapes and colors the books make, sound familiar?! Shapes and colors? He says: “They are about photography presenting an absolute, evidentiary truth, and simultaneously no truth at all. They are about levels of interpretation and understanding and about information revealed, and information concealed.” Kind of what I was doing with #absurdistsummer, the photographs were less about the items in the images and more about the way the colors and shapes appear in the photograph. Sometimes it is hard to … [Read more...]