Last week my friends stylist Alyse Franco and Artist/Creative Director Sonia Beyda quickly styled and shot a look book  with model Camilla Bianchi for Sonia's new line of Non-organic embroidered leisurewear line STILL HERE. The line is quickly catching fire because of its quick wit and cool vibes. I mean, on the night of the infamous second debate - Sonia created "Hillary's Fly" shirt - which is now shipping out in time for our impending doom. Her line of  T(it) Shirts were created to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Sonia also creates one off pieces of denim that are … [Read more...]

Pieter Hugo | 1994

Pieter Hugo is a photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa. His primary works are portraits and documentary- esque photographs of African communities. His latest show called 1994 was on display at the Stevenson Gallery in South Africa. It documents children born in South Africa and Rwanda after 1994. Major historical events took place in both of those countries and Hugo documents the affect they have had on the children. Hugo explains this process: "Most of the images were taken in villages around Rwanda and South Africa. There’s a thin line between nature being seen as idyllic and as … [Read more...]

Patricia Voulgaris | Hidden in Plain Sight.

How awesome is this photo series by Patricia Voulgaris?! It is called "Hidden in Plain Sight" and it consists of various parts of the human body covered with sheets of paper to create these awesome images. “My work primarily focuses on combining photography and sculpture using the human form as a platform objectively through juxtaposition, layering and context, I am interested in the deconstruction and recontextualization of an image and the result: a manipulated hybrid,” says Voulgaris. Strange but fascinating, like the human body itself, amarite? My favorite is the super … [Read more...]

Heavenly Creatures | Cass Bird.

Cass Bird is one of my favorite photographers. If I could just succubus her talent right out of her I would... Her photos have such a lovely quality to them... whimsey, fun, silliness and a unique sense of what is beautiful. They're perfectly imperfect, which is hard to do. And they make you feel things, which is even harder to do. If you follow her on instagram, she always seems to be having fun, on set, and with her adorable family. She's a fashion photographer, but you get the sense that she doesn't take fashion too seriously, which is why she is so good at. She's looking for something that … [Read more...]

TABLETOP | Surrey Lane Lookbook.

Last spring, when I was 8.5 months pregnant, I shot and styled (with an amazing team) a beautiful lookbook for the Brooklyn based tabletop store Surrey Lane. We shot in an absolutely lovely home, and I really love the shoot and all the photos, and seeing as how we are now heading into "entertaining season" I thought it would be a good time to post lots of photos of bars and drinks...  Truth be told, the shoot kind of got lost in the shuffle of my life, because I had the baby right afterward. I'm currently in the process of doing what I like to call "Administrative" tasks for my household … [Read more...]