DESIGN | Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo

Suffice to say this may be the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. Monsieur Bleu, the restaurant in the Palais De Tokyo (It's kind of hard to find as there are two other eateries on site. This one is on the Avenue de New York, on the river, around the corner from the entrance to the Palais.) French architect Joseph Dirand envisioned and shaped the space around a fictional character, Monsieur Bleu. Elegant and cultivated, mysterious and suave, Monsieur Bleu is a true bourgeois gentleman, artist, gastronome and dandy that lives simultaneously within and outside the codes of the … [Read more...]

PHOTO DIARY | Tour of Versailles.

Feel like taking a little break from your day and visiting Versailles with me? I have so many pictures  it's making my head spin. Versailles was built ten miles out of Paris by Louis the XIII as a hunting lodge. Louis the XIV, The Sun King, changed it into a glorious Chateau, making it the head of the government and his primary residence. It's literally one of the most glorious things I've ever seen. The floors, the windows, the fabrics, the doors. Even though its hundreds of years old, the taste is so refined that it still feels contemporary in certain ways. It's a phenomenal place to visit, … [Read more...]

Le White.

I hope you all had a restful and fun holiday weekend! We filled ours with tons of food- I cooked thanksgiving - and HOLY MOLY GOOP re-grammed my holiday table! (I'll probably do some kind of table setting post soon about mixing and matching vintage table wares, I think.) We also spent some time up in NJ with the family... bowling, running through fields, eating in diners, at the movies, by the fire,  you know, Jersey Stuff... and then back to work Monday like a ton of bricks! Who needs a palette cleanser after this "BUY ME! BUY ME!"  weekend? I do! I do! Not that I didn't participate it in … [Read more...]

Lily of the Valley, Paris.

Escapism via internet. This is a new little tea bar that opened up  this summer in the Marais in Paris. Just looking at it gives me that excited feeling of being a traveler in the springtime, when it's warm in the sun but still cool in the shade,  looking chic and being incredibly excited to be alive, and having a lovely day shopping and strolling in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, or Florence, or Soho or LA or anywhere, you're alone or with your favorite person to be with, and then you stumble into the most adorable little place in the late afternoon for a refreshment by accident, … [Read more...]

Design|A gypsy chic family in Paris, Tangier, Brooklyn.

Vogue just posted the Paris  home ofVictoire de Taillac-Touhami  and her husband Ramdane Touhami. The globetrotting family and self described gypsies have moved from Paris to Tangier to New York and back to Paris, with their three kids in tow. They've moved 8 times together. Their current home is a modernist duplex penthouse that sits atop an eighteenth-century hôtel particulier built for the daughter of Louis XIV’s finance minister. Ramdane is "a man of a thousand trades," they've both worked on so many different artistic projects all over the world. Currently they've relaunched - Buly 1803, … [Read more...]