Death in the Afternoon.

Nothing like a good ritual animal murder before dinner? Amarite? All kidding aside, these photorealistic paintings of bullfighters by French painter Christian Gaillard are exquisite, aren't they? They seem to capture the bullfighters - many of those depicted are the artists personal friends- in the moment of choice. In that way they almost remind me of The David. That little moment of choice, of contemplation, of reaction,of sorrow. And those costumes. They are extraordinary aren't they?  “Tell him Brett wants to see him put on those green pants.” Uh-huh. Although- on the flip … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg, The Painter.

Barbie is a blogger, and Snoop Dogg is a painter. “For many years I’ve always felt like painting was something that I wanted to do, but I never had time to do,” Snoop explains. “Painting gives me an emotion like no other. I could cry while I’m painting. I can laugh while I’m painting. I can be serious while I’m painting. I don’t have no parameters. When I’m rapping there’s certain things I can’t do. When I’m acting there’s certain things I can’t do. There’s certain things I won’t do. But with the painting, there’s no limit.” Snoop collaborated with Swedish Sock brain Happy Socks to create a … [Read more...]

Xu Zhen, Under Heaven.

The Armory Show starts today! Exciting, as is the work of The Armory Show 2014 Commissioned Artist Xu Zhen. If it looks delicious, it's because it was applied with a pastry chef's icing applicator. Mmmhhmmm. Xu Zhen is one of Shanghai's most provocative artists and he and his 30 person MADEIN team make art across all mediums - painting, photography, video, installation, sculpture, performance art and more. Also on display is  “Action of Consciousness” installation, in which objects are hurled over a white cube, and "The Thinker." You can watch a video tour of his studio HERE.  Learn more … [Read more...]

The Landscape.

"Looks like a painting!" some of you said about my photos of Connecticut. And indeed, it does. Specifically, it looks like these paintings, which I discovered in Connecticut. I don't usually post anything as traditional as these landscapes, but while up there, I picked up a pamphlet of the work of artist Emily Buchanan and was quite charmed. Emily is a native New Englander, who paints in plein air. She began painting as a child with her grandmother (Grandmothers are the best aren't they?), attended The Lyme Academy, The National Academy of Art and the Art Student’s League, although she … [Read more...]

Wet Hot American Summer: The Paintings of Kenton Nelson.

Welcome to the world of Kenton Nelson. It's America all right, but it's always a hot afternoon and its always summer. The reds are red, the blues are blue. Shadows fall in clean crisp strokes across the world. The people are athletic and trim and classically dressed. It's the American dream used to sell diary products: the unblemished American landscape, with its forever young and beautiful inhabitants. This quintessential and overly perfect Americana has a sadness to it though. The characters are  isolated in their perfect world. Are they lonely? Are they … [Read more...]