One Room Challenge 2017

Hey! Welcome back. Where have I been, you might be wondering? All's well. Simply put, I had blogger burn out. Anyway, I'm back for this year's Spring One Room Challenge. You can click here to see the results of last years ORC. The ORC is a design project where a bunch of us bloggers take on one room and transform it in just 6 weeks. Last year I redecorated my sister's bedroom. This time I'm doing a room in our own NJ house. The house is new to us. We moved in just before last summer, and I made do with mostly borrowed furniture.  This year, I started to tweak little things around the … [Read more...]


We made it! It's here. The end of the six week madness that is the One Room Challenge. I found the ORC to be challenging for sure, but also fun and exciting once I got the ball rolling. The thing is, this concept doesn't seem THAT hard when you are starting the project... It seems simple, oh ok, you order a bunch of stuff, it comes, you install, you're done. The challenge is that you have to make decisions quickly, act on them quickly - no products lingering in carts for weeks like normal - and then you have to execute them in lightening speed, trouble shooting and fixing the … [Read more...]


Welcome back! Hope you all are having a great week! Last week I laid out some of my final fabric choices and nailed down the direction of the room. In a bedroom, fabrics in all their different forms are obviously super important. Well, not ten minutes after I posted my ORC post, I find out that the Miles Redd for Schumacher Watercolor fabric I chose for the drapery was out of stock. (Of course, arriving the week after the ORC is over.) I scoured the internet for a replacement. I got ten samples hand delivered to me from the lovely folks at DecoratorsBest the next day. There was nothing I … [Read more...]

The One Room Challenge | The Pink Room.

Hey! Soon I can't believe it, but I'm doing the very popular Calling it Home One Room Challenge this season. For those not familiar - a bunch of bloggers and designers each take on a decorating project of one room, which they complete in 6 weeks - and share with the readers once a week. This is week one, intro and inspo week. Sooooo, admittedly, most of my "design" projects have been for my own self. Which is a good thing, to me, cause I can do whatever I want, answer to know one, and take my sweet time coming up with a plan. For my own self, I'm not even sure I believe in "decorating" per … [Read more...]

My favorites from THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.

This One Room Challenge thing, in which various design bloggers commit to transforming ONE room in 6 weeks and chronicling it on their blog, it's a cool idea. I've seriously been contemplating what to do in the kids room for 2 YEARS, so I doubt I could pull anything legit together in 6 weeks. I mean, unless it was for someone other than myself. Then I could probably do it :) But some of these designers did more than just paint and zhush, some of them took on KITCHENS! BATHROOMS! PLUMBING! Is this stuff just easier to do outside NYC? Because I remember waiting for my kitchen for 6 months when I … [Read more...]