Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 2017 ORC Spring REVEAL! Super excited about this one, if you couldn't tell from my instagram! This year I tackled the living space in our Jersey House. We bought the house last spring from a lovely woman who was a decorator, and I immediately fell in love with it. The house has amazing midcentury bones, and some stunning hardware and details that I just knew I wanted to preserve! Over the past year, we would head out there on weekends and I would basically bumble around collecting furniture from my in laws basements and our local antique stores. When Linda asked me … [Read more...]


Subtitle, IT GETS WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. Hot damn, this place looks like bad, just bad.... There are cartons everywhere, nothing is finished, and half my stuff hasn't arrived! ALSO, painted plywood floors. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess that means I failed at the challenge? Hopefully I can still deliver some beautiful photos to you guys next week... because the bones of what's happening here is making me really happy! Some how I feel like this challenge has kept growing and growing! I started with just the living space of the house, now I have myself thinking - maybe I should also … [Read more...]


Welcome to Week 4 of the ORC, in which I really really start to panic! There has been definite progress, with lots of little things arriving from sponsors and vendors, but I'm still waiting for SO MUCH STUFF. Anyway, here are some snaps of whats happening at the house: I'm printing these art prints from my shop for the house... Keeping with the tone and texture, hard and soft of the space, and definitely keeping with the vibe and color palette right? Summer Grasses, one of my faves. And Concrete, one of my REALLY real faves. Mountains  Water Diptych Red Rock  Rocks … [Read more...]


Welcome to Week Three! I think I officially started to freak out yesterday. We're half way through and while I have some AMAZING construction progress sneak peaks to show you, I still have huge holes in the room furniture wise.  Here is my mood board: And my shopping list:  Anewall Mural Surya Dwell Rug Noir Edith Table Gabby Macy Console Prosperity Chandelier Worlds Away Burl Stools  Oly Studio Wolf Stool  Made Goods Cyclades Vases Vases  Jamie Young Vase Noir Hiro Side Table Beige Stripe Linen Chairs Hawthorne Side Table Tom Dixon Screw … [Read more...]


Hello friends! Welcome to week 2 of the ORC, and Happy Passover :) This week I'm focusing on channeling my vision and getting focused. I made a mood board featuring some of the products I pulled and I'm using this to drive the project forward. First things first, I had the floors re-stained last week, and the ceiling painted white which made a world of a difference. The room is now refreshed and clean feeling! There are also custom furniture pieces being built, which should be super exciting! Anewall Mural Surya Dwell Rug Noir Edith Table Gabby Macy Console Prosperity … [Read more...]