I went to THE APARTMENT by THE LINE, this is what I saw.

A few years ago I wrote about "The Apartment, by The Line" It’s a shop, staged as an actual home. It’s in a 3rd story loft on Greene St, and it’s the brick and mortar entity of the online shop THE LINE. This apartment has been staged as the light-filled home of “a discerning woman who appreciates a finely tailored jacket as much as a bespoke velvet sofa.” Everything is shop-able with in the context of an actual home. Coats are in the closet, books on bookshelves, toothpaste in the bathroom etc. Yesterday was my first time visiting, and I popped around with my iPhone taking a few photos to … [Read more...]

Alex Katz at Barney’s

Have you all seen the work of 87 year old artist Alex Katz debuted in the Barney's windows? The murals are HUGE- 8 feet tall and 60 feet wide, in each of the four windows. When asked why he used black and white as opposed to his usual bold colors, Katz replied: "I’ve been doing it a lot lately, and it’s the opposite of what tends to please people—you know, lots of colors. Also, black and white is always a fitting color scheme for New York. I think the products turned out really well like that. I’d like to give some to my wife." They feature portraits of 18 women, including Yvonne … [Read more...]

The Best Of New York Fashion Week.

DKNYI got back into New York in the middle of Fashion Week. I find the constant blogging/instagramming/peacocking tiring under normal circumstances, but after transitioning from a whole three months in New Jersey, I couldn't even deal with it. Part of what I loved about my summer in Jersey is that Jersey is completely devoid of pretension. You cant even be pretentious if you wanted to because its like the anti-value there and it's just so lame and suck-ass, that even snobs pretend to be cool and laid back. A value reversal occurs and try hards and kiss ups are just lame. I felt released. … [Read more...]

Design // A New Traditional Apartment in NYC.

I was just sent these fresh off the presses photos of a renovation completed by Design Development NYC of a 2400 square foot apartment in the Art Deco building the El Dorado on the Upper West Side. The space was filled with charm but needed modernizing and updating. Design Development NYC custom designed moldings and doors in their woodworking mill in Long Island City to restore the character of the apartment. They played homage to the art deco lineage with geometric motifs on raised-panel doors. The homeowners just so happen to own a beautiful textile company called Blithfield &Co. and … [Read more...]

Summer Staple: The Shirt Dress

Easy Breezy . That's how I want to feel during summer. A few months ago, while in St Barts I was reintroduced to the effortless glory the shirt dress, in all its incarnations.  The jersey column dress HERE, and then this: the button down shirt dress, which I bought there. The most basic, the simplest, and effortlessly cool of all outfits. I enlisted the help of one of  my tall leggy friends to model it. I'm short, the dress looks so much better on her, but it is universally flattering and can be just as cool with flats as heels. It's also one of those summer staples that is just as great in … [Read more...]