An Exercise in Restraint.

The week before I left, I worked on some paintings... and you might not believe this, but they were about me trying to control myself. Stopping before its done. Limiting colors. Adding restraints. Not going crazy. Leaving negative space.... I really enjoyed it. Instead of overworking a single painting, I separated my thoughts into three canvases. The only bitch is, they are all around 6 x 4 or 5 footers... and well, taking pictures of them is HARD HARD HARD. (Case in point, the top picture. Sidenote: why does my SHADOW look fat? ARG.) I have to lay them flat on the floor because they are still … [Read more...]

See me in the D Pages!

OMG- my face is gigantic and on the cover of The D Pages, an online magazine about all things design! This is kind of insane. I'm still baffled that anyone anywhere gives a crap about what I have to say, let alone to make my face gigantic, put some Didot typeface over it and to interview me. I think we all have fantasies where we are starring in our own little mini-movie called Life, I'm just so shocked and flattered that all of you tune into my channel. THANK YOU! Go read the interview HERE!¬† … [Read more...] Its an online business card!

Did you guys see this site Its a free service that lets you create a sort on online business card (it doesnt have to be about business) where you can corral all of your different websites, shops, blogs, social media outlets- foursquare, twitter, facebook, etsy, linked in... the works. If you a freakin cyber nerd like me, its a great idea. Someone could go to this site and see updates to my blog, my twitter feed, my facebook page, and my etsy shop. All in one place. And thats just to start! My new page is HERE... and here is a little preview... The great thing is that it takes … [Read more...]

See my gigantic face on the Internet…

at the HGTV lunch. Its on their blog. Seeing my Dries Ikat shirt in pictures has cured me of my ikat addiction. Really. No, not really. There is a whole slideshow of me talking emphatically about decor... yikes. … [Read more...]

I’m selling some of my artwork…

My abstract black and white painting...¬†This one is my favorite painting that I ever made. But I'm selling it HERE. … [Read more...]