ART CRAZE // Neon Signs.

Before I even get to the blog post, I just have to say that the only thing I miss about NYC is the freakin WiFi. If you only knew how many times I had to refresh my bullshit browser and reload, and wait for pictures to upload.... UGH. I spent 45 minutes just going back and forth between our wifi and the neighbors, then I just left the pictures to load and went and did some stuff, came back and it's still a disaster.  Anyway, art trends are as weird and random as any other trend. And one of the biggest  in art this year has been neon sign wordage... It's everywhere/ was all over Basel etc. I'm … [Read more...]

The Colors Duke, The Colors!

This is how my crazy brain works: "I LOVE COLOR. It's so fun and happy, and I'm instantly excited by it." "No. I don't, I HATE color. EW, bright colors, gag." "You know, I think I'm really loving color again." I think I have to deal with it in carefully doled out doses in every place except art. How 'bout you? Unrelated to the post but- I hope you all had a great weekend! It's my last week in NYC before I head out to #suburbia for the summer... I usually dread it because I like New York, hustle and bustle and work, but I'm actually looking forward to a nice long break from city … [Read more...]

Neon Explosion.

My latest painting... And it's really big, somewhere between 50 x 50 and 60 x 60. I'm Not sure yet because I didn't decide where I am going to crop it yet... This is one of those times when I wish I could post a really really big picture.     … [Read more...]

Leopard and Neon and Floral, OH MY!

I was going to say, don't wear it all at once, but perhaps I'm wrong? 2011 was all about wearing everything at once: all the bracelets you own, all the  prints in your closet, all the colors you can find, layer, layer layer.  I think 2012 is going to go in a different direction soon. And this is kind of the start of that. It's treating leopard like a neutral and focusing on one huge statement. I like it. But my feelings on leopard are mixed. I love it, when it's the right leopard. And when it's not, it's so damn awful. Florals are easier to get right, but obviously still risky when your whole … [Read more...]

Neons + Primaries.

When I did the guest post for Intermix, I put together a huge moodboard. This excerpt of primaries mixed with neons has been seriously inspiring me. Sources: Navajo Rug Via Pinterest, Fendi Runway, Nicole Cohen Pour Print, Tommy Ton for My new favorite shorts, I wear them once a week at least, HERE. Up close, neons and primaries in perfect harmony: On the Prada runway: A fabric from Myfabrichouse:  Two of my latest paintings... still wet which is why they look kind of strange. I couldnt resist posting them though. I am working on an amazing collaboration with my … [Read more...]