Michael Dweck | The End: Montauk.

Michael Dweck is a visual artist known for his seductive photos. Dweck studied Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and began his career in advertising where he went on to become a highly regarded Creative Director receiving over 40 international awards (including the Gold Lion at the Cannes Festival!) Eventually in 2001 he left advertising to focus on photography full time. Themes of  youth, summer, freedom, beauty, and the temptations of the flesh, are often apparent in his work. His series: "The End: Montauk, NY" and "Mermaids" are two of my faves.  The End: Montauk, NY … [Read more...]

MONTAUK | Summer Camp at Ruschmeyer’s.

There is nothing quite like an East Coast American Summer. Hot, humid and campy, the summer starts with a quickly mounting frenzy. After the 4th, it tapers into a languid July but by the end of August the coast is pulsing with a feverish unbridled joy. Some of my friends that moved to California tell me how much they miss the excitement of East Coast summers.  Last August, in the last week before school started, we went out to Ruschmeyer's hotel in Montauk for a week. The hotel is a converted summer camp, and its like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie. Think Moonrise Kingdom meets The Life … [Read more...]

Awesome in Montauk: The Surf Shack.

Wondering what to do with a summer rental in Montauk or anywhere? (Montauk is actually on my list for weekend destinations this summer.) Why dont you do what this dude did, rent a house, put all the original contents into storage and turn it into a "Surf Shack" for your employees to retreat to every weekend. (Guests often sleep in these tepees!) From the NYTimes: Richard Christiansen, founder of Chandelier Creative, a buzzy Manhattan ad agency with a focus on fashion, turned a summer rental in Montauk, N.Y., into a weekend outpost for his staff. He removed the owners' possessions … [Read more...]