Hardest, best job in the world.

In exchange for bringing children into the world, I'd like to make a motion, that every mother on earth deserves a gigantic bouquet of peonies delivered weekly to her front door. Even when they are out of season. Have a great day everyone! … [Read more...]

House Tour!

New and improved living room for the house tour! More photos coming later... But seriously.... Gigantic paintings. HELL to the YEA. … [Read more...]

Sketch42 on the Junior League House Tour, this Saturday!

What are you doing this weekend?¬†Cause I have some exciting news! Remember when I mentioned cleaning up because "people were coming over"? Well, those people are YOU and various other New Yorkers and ladies who lunch via The Junior League House Tour this Saturday, May 5! Um, yea... this is crazy! What is the Junior League and what is their house tour? The Junior League is a charity, established in 1901 and made up entirely of female volunteers, that's goal is to improve the lives of New York women and children around our city and in the greater New York area. Every Spring and Fall, … [Read more...]


The best thing about photo shoots.... are the left over flowers. A little iPad magazine interviewed me yesterday and took a few photos in my apartment... Nothing crazy, not like the Rue shoot which took all day... At the end of the day, I went around snapping photos... Peony season is the best, isn't it? See that metal container they are in? Its actually a cooking utensil holder from my kitchen. I left all my vases at the bachelor pad after the photo shoot, and so I had to improvise! Herbs I bought from the farm the other day, and I plan on planting them in a terrarium, like last … [Read more...]

Worn in brown leather.

Do you believe I take pictures of random middle aged tourists walking the streets of New York? Cause I do. This dude has probably had this thing since his first job out of college. If its brown and its leather, lord knows I like it.¬†   I'll be back with more posting later, this was just a little tidbit to keep you happy until I think of something good to write about. Even I get stumped sometimes. Some ideas: I could post new paintings, thoughts on the NYIGF, new clothes I score on sale, ummmm, another sneak peek at Bachelor pad, thoughts on RHOBH recap (although my opinions … [Read more...]