Plum Cushion & Me.

My new neck roll just got here. It's Gordian Weave by KWID for Schumacher. Also known as heaven. I cant even describe to you how beautiful this fabric is in person. The weight of the embroidery on the linen is so... well... spectacular! I feel really mean that I still havent shown you the full bedroom reveal, but I really want to wait until all the bedding gets here before I post  a full picture.  However, I just cant keep this picture from you... Its by Melanie of Plum Cushion. I love it. Melanie has made so many things for me this year: Pillows for  my couch, my KWID confetti table … [Read more...]

Love it or hate it- Imperial Trellis?

Nothing gets the blogosphere into more of a flurry than pictures of Imperial Trellis. I must admit, when I first saw it, I was so damned excited by it that I would have covered an entire house in it. Now... sadly, I'm getting kind of sick of good old Imperial Trellis. And yet.... Not sickening when you see it done in a new way. So lets analyze this: Why the hell is this pattern so freaking interesting? Its bold and graphic, so that makes it modern, but its also curvy and subtle which makes it seem older and more refined. It can be playful or just glam. But its over. It really is. And … [Read more...]