Kelly Wearstler’s New Collection for Groundworks.

Just when I thought black and white graphic lines were over, I popped in to see Kelly Wearstler's new collection for Lee Sofa's Groundworks at the D&D. WOW. She's introduced some new fabrics and wall coverings, and for the first time a whole new line of furniture with Groundworks. The way she mixes raw and refined, structured and amorphous shapes... The subtlety of that pink/peach background. The wave of the hand painted squares. It's really good. The only thing I worry about.... as with all really good things... is that this collection is so good it will be everywhere, like her … [Read more...]


Today I'm reposting an oldie but a goodie. Back in 2010, the Kelly Wearstler renovation of The Avalon Hotel was featured in LONNY magazine. Shot by Patrick Cline, of course, it was still so new that the guest rooms hadn't been revealed yet! He claims this is one of his favorite shoots ever. This was just at the beginning of Kelly Mania, just as she was starting a product line, a fashion line, a blog, an instagram- it was right as she was going from design-world celebrity to real-world, household name celebrity. I think it's also the moment that web based content and exposure started becoming … [Read more...]

The Martin // Las Vegas

I dont know why I have never seen this project before. It's a design of the common spaces of The Martin in Las Vegas by Kelly Wearstler and her team. It's one of her more subdued projects, and I think the more toned down version of her visionary aesthetic is definitely very livable. The way she does floors slays me. I would love to come home to that lobby. It's a maximalist doing minimalism and I love it. Photos via The Martin … [Read more...]

Her Best Yet: Kelly Wearstler Pre Fall.

Drinking game alert, every time a blogger says "Kelly Wearstler" we all need to take a shot! Ha, we'd be having our stomachs pumped daily. Anyway, her new lookbook was just released. Pre-Fall 2013. For me, it feels like she's really hitting her stride with this collection. I've felt like her previous collections were a little shy, actually, and were basically groupings of cool 80's edgy LA clothing, but not these cohesive, stunning looks we are seeing here. Her collection was grounded in the geometries of the Russian Suprematist art movement, and I think the clothes are more elegant than … [Read more...]

Chair Harvest.

Last night, I posted the living room on the street. I normally dont post at night like that, but I felt like maybe someone would want to go pick them up, or something, it felt like it needed immediate attention. Within a minute, Christian May told me, yes, those were Tobia Scarpa chairs, and in fact worth thousands. I googled. Apparently, they are selling for almost $9,000 dollars on 1st Dibs! So I literally dropped everything and ran to the corner where I saw them. By that time, the sofa was gone, and there were heaps of garbage bags, lamps, luggage trunks etc all around them.... It looks … [Read more...]