PRESENTS! I’m a lucky girl…

I always say the best thing about blogging is the people you "meet"! Imagine my surprise when I come home and find not one, but three presents waiting for me!!!! First, this delicious salted chocalate and caramel yumminess from Fran's Chocolates that Amber sent me after I  made her a custom painting! SOOOOO SWEET and so unnecessary! What's also awesome about having a blog is that people know exactly what you like! Amber remembered that I liked chocolate with sea salt... and now more than ever, I need my chocolate fix! Then I got another surprise! A baby gift from my blogging … [Read more...]

Career Crossovers: Kelly Wearstler does fashion!

I know I'm about a week late posting this... but still. I want those clutches. We all knew this was coming... and that she would probably be good at it too. Unlike some others. Dont you love how everyone debut's their crossover collection during fashion week? DVF does home and KW does fashion... And Jonathan Adler puts it all into perspective: “Every upper middle class person in America is buying 75 handbags, 68 sweaters and 95 frocks every minute,” he said. “Whereas to sell them a vase, it’s gotta be next level shit." WWD scan is from HERE. … [Read more...]

ALL MY SOURCES + More photos from RUE: PART I.

Thank you all so much for your support and sweet comments! I was really nervous about putting myself out there like this. I have to say, even though I blog daily I am nervous every time I hit publish. I am always worried and anxious about people's reactions even though it may not seem like it! It took a lot for me to open up my house, and especially my family like this. If you are a blog regular you know I don't usually post pictures of them (at least not head on) and that I rarely post pictures of myself. Having a huge part of your life on the internet, where anyone can poke fun at you, … [Read more...]

You’d be mad?

I thought I was completely over Jonathan Adler. The pillows, colors, everything. But then this came in the mail: And I still like it. In doses. Thoughts? … [Read more...]

Fashion designers turned decorators:Yes or No.

Diane von Furstenberg is designing 20 rooms in the Claridge Hotel in London. So far, photos of only one of the rooms has been released. DVF at the Claridge Hotel So far, many other fashion designers' forages into interior design have been, well, less than stellar. Lets take a look: First, there is the Zac Posen debacle.... Next, Jean Paul Gaultier's collaboration with Roche Bobois that culminated in this renovation of the Elle Decoration’s suite. Then of course, there is the Maison Moschino. And the Hotel Missoni. What do you think of these crossovers? DVF's is by far the best, … [Read more...]