Painting, outfit, room: 1,2,3,4.

OK I admit it... sometimes its REALLY hard to come up with blog post ideas. Photos: Painting, J Crew, Abby Powel, Via The Lil Bee, J Crew Photos: Painting, Via Houzz, Via Coco & Kelly, Via Bug and Bear Blog Photos: Unknown, Brandolini via Nero Chronicles, Painting. Photos: Prada via Coco & Kelly, Gaultier, Unknown, Painting. I took a little liberty with the painting, outfit, room situation... But this was fun. I have a TON of things to do today... Write 2 freelance articles, a meeting with a potential advertiser, hunting for wallpaper, potential new E-clients, 2 custom … [Read more...]

Gaultier and Roche Bobois at Kips Bay

Whenever the world's of fashion and decor meld I perk up... Its always interesting to me to see how artists in different fields of design approach the task of designing for a different audience and in a different field. Will it be successful or will it be an epic fail? The entry hall and the furniture in it was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Roche Bobois... Mr. Gaultier is not known for playing it safe, but his room and the furniture are unmistakably Roche Bobois but with a little Gaultier twist, the playfulness that is his calling card. I loved this … [Read more...]

Missoni + Pellegrino. I’m a sucker for chic packaging.

Last night I went to dinner and this was on the table: How awesome is that? Then my friend told me that Evian does a whole series of fashion designed water bottles: Jean Paul Gaultier:Paul Smith:Christian Lacroix:Makes me wish I was able to get my hands on this: Karl Lagerfeld for Diet Coke. I wish I had some of these bottles to use as props and accessories around the house. … [Read more...]

Fashion designers turned decorators:Yes or No.

Diane von Furstenberg is designing 20 rooms in the Claridge Hotel in London. So far, photos of only one of the rooms has been released. DVF at the Claridge Hotel So far, many other fashion designers' forages into interior design have been, well, less than stellar. Lets take a look: First, there is the Zac Posen debacle.... Next, Jean Paul Gaultier's collaboration with Roche Bobois that culminated in this renovation of the Elle Decoration’s suite. Then of course, there is the Maison Moschino. And the Hotel Missoni. What do you think of these crossovers? DVF's is by far the best, … [Read more...]