Photographer: Jonas Ingerstedt

Welcome back from a long weekend! The portfolio of Stokholm photographer Jonas Ingerstedt is really bringing me joy today. I'm busy catching up on housewives reunion shows, the premier of Gossip Girl, and I'm knee deep in a Game of Thrones addiction.... Ah, TV. One of the reasons I like winter, it gets dark early enough that there is actually time to watch TV. Plus, we took the kids away for the weekend, crazy but fun... Updates tomorrow!   … [Read more...]


Welcome to Fivestory. Owner Claire Distenfeld and I have people in common, we know friends of friends, and so, like most of NYC  I was very excited when she opened Fivestory, a highly curated and glamourous boutique in a spectacular townhouse on the Upper East Side. The store is being called New York's answer to Collete, the Parisian concept store and is changing the face of NYC retail. It's "moment" is that not only is it beautiful, but the pieces you can find at Fivestory are decidedly unique: essentially, you won't be finding the standard selection of Net-a-Porter, Barney's and Intermix … [Read more...]

More Proof.

That Paris apartments are the best apartments. This apartment, designed by Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima, aka SO-AN, is a 18th century converted office space on Rue de Rivoli that the Louvre. All the moulding, floors and details, including the mirrors, are original to the space. The apartment treads delicately between opulence and modernity, as all Paris Apartments do - this look almost doesn't even EXIST in the US. I mean, it does, but barely. There is something so pleasing about this aesthetic to me - its like, yes we want to be modern and carefree and yet, we respect and admire the … [Read more...]

Kelly Wearstler on OKL.

I feel like I am master of the obvious today, but DUH, the Kelly Wearstler sales on One Kings Lane today are ridiculous. RI-DIC-U-LOUS. Its basically a mix of amazing vintage finds with her own designs and stuff... And its organized by her various styles and books: Hollywood regency, midcentury, coastal, etc. If you have a couple a grand to throw around and you want a showstopper for your room, go buy a set of amazing sculptural chairs. Thats what I would do, if I needed anything. Or a ridiculous pair of side tables. Or her fine china for Pickard on sale. Or a four poster driftwood bed. But … [Read more...]

Russian Delights.

Looks like a very good case of "Room To Art" or "Art to Chair." I'm getting serious joy from the Moscow apartment of Russian designer Dmitry Velikovsky. I always say I like to see a designer's own home best, better than any other work. And this is a really good example of that. This kind of quirkiness is very personal, don't you think? Velikovsky lets furniture and objects seduce him; and later decides what to do with them. The pieces in his apartment have been collected over years, and from the various far flung places to which he travels. They range from custom made furniture and art by … [Read more...]