Tangier, the city on the most northern tip of Morocco, sits on the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow passage between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Only a half hour by ferry is Spain, and a two hour flight would land you in Paris. The city was founded at around 500 BC at the dawn of our modern civilizations. It's been tossed back and forth between empires for centuries, and has always been an international town, especially during the 40s and 50s when it was literally an "international zone" and millionaires, crooks and artists alike came to revel in its glory. The Beat writers William S. … [Read more...]

Every room needs // a funky chair.

There is just no excuse for boring chairs. Period. The end. I've got 99 problems and chairs are all of those problems.  1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 … [Read more...]

Behind the scenes with Pieces and Lonny.

Last week when Lonny June 2013 launched, Lee Klienhelter of Pieces' latest project - a model apartment in a new high rise in Buckhead- was pinned and repinned and repinned. Obviously, Lee is a woman after my own heart. The apartment is fixed with a heavy dose of black and white, but the textures, materials and bold choices, keep the apartment fresh as opposed to been there, done that. Everyone always assumes I love ALL black and white anything, but that's simply not true. Black and white can get cheesy just as fast as anything else.  It has to be exciting to be fresh. Lee knows fresh. All of … [Read more...]

DESIGN: Eco Friendly Family Home in NYC.

When a Chelsea based New York family outgrew their two bedroom loft, they decided to purchase the identical one, just on top. (I have fantasies about doing this all the time!) Naturally, the space needed a gut renovation, and they decided to enlist Design Developement to create a space that would be sustainable, toxic free, and responsible. They also decided that their new home would be mindful of the fact that they have three boys. They included amenities like stroller storage, hidden toy storage throughout, and a separate adult living/dining room and playroom/den/eat in kitchen area. Anyone … [Read more...]

House Tour: The Young, hip & modern.

A few months ago, one of my favorite design chat buddies and his wife invited me over to their new place because he was selling a slightly damaged version of the Slim Aarons photo above... I wrote about it HERE.  I absolutely loved the direction they were going in with their place and they promised me that when they got all their furniture in, I would totally be welcome to come shoot it for the blog, and I was super excited about it! My friends are a young, fun and hip couple and this is their first place together.  But here's the kicker, early on in their relationship they started gifting … [Read more...]