Winter Lite.

This house makes me ok with the fact that it's cold out and getting colder. In fact, I can imagine it now: winter saturday, wake up late. Wearing sweats and those thick furry socks. Reading the paper. Hair in bun. Blankets. It's cold in the apartment, but bright. That special winter light coming through those windows. No TV on. Alone. Quiet. It gets dark early. Stayed in PJs and didn't go outside all day. First shower is at 6 pm before dinner. I love those Saturdays. Who else fantasizes about being alone? Being home alone and doing nothing? Having no work? No agenda? No computer? No TV? This … [Read more...]

The Glen Cove Showhouse.

On Tuesday I drove up to the Glen Cove "Home is where the Heart is" show house on Long Island to benefit American Heart Association, and toured the house with the folks from Kravet. I'll take any excuse to get out of the city! I think I've been to every corner of the tristate area in the past month. I love show houses, it's so fun to see what designers do when there is no client and its just a blank slate. While Kips Bay usually brings out the cooky in everyone, the show houses in the 'burbs are way more restrained and livable, but beautiful none the less. Gotta appeal to the local clientele I … [Read more...]

The Best Room I’ve Seen Lately: Yvan Mispelaere.

The home of french designer Yvan Mispelaere is probably the best thing I've seen in a while. I was thumbing through this month's Elle Decor, and this was BY FAR my favorite feature. The home,  a loft that Mispelaere converted from a former circus trainer's gym to a home with the help of architect Stéphane Ghestem, was also featured in a 2012 issue of Elle Decor Italia, and incidentally, on its cover. There are only 2 doors in the entire apartment, the front door, and the door to the bathroom. All other parts of the home are arranged into little nooks. The kitchen sits inside that 3 walled … [Read more...]


Are you a red blooded human with access to the internet? You are? Fabulous. Head over to One Kings Lane for this absolutely spectacular sale of 20th Century Lighting, brought to you by Rewire LA. Then go to their 1stDibs shop for the really really awesome stuff. It saddens me that I cant realistically rip up my walls to put in new (old) sconces. Can I?  “The right lighting elevates the senses and transcends the ordinary,” says owner Josh Kritzer. The right statement making art piece does too, says me. And I'm sorry for the super late posting. We had a major storm here today, and the … [Read more...]

The Socialite Family.

This french blog - The Socialite Family- features chic little families who live mostly in Paris, but sometimes in NYC or LA. "A sample of smart & cool families" is the tag line. It's founder, Constance Gennari, is a former fashion Journalist and art buyer for an ad agency, and she's focused the blog solely on interior design as seen from a family's perspective. She photographs and interviews adorable little families filled with good looking people in their good looking homes. WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!!! I LOVE the concept of photographing beautiful people at home, engaged with their … [Read more...]