I recently photographed the ridiculously cool Aurora James, creative director of the brand Brother Vellies for the Man Repeller column, Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments.¬†Her home was just full of fun and life and amazing beautiful stuff! Plus, she is a freaking beautiful woman. Queen of Brooklyn, she is. Check out the outtakes below, and be sure to click through to the MR story, because the interview is super delightful. Enjoy! All photos by me ;) … [Read more...]

Joyce Silverman’s NJ Cottage x Domaine Home.

Ohhh boy! This is an exciting one! It's the NJ beach house of designer Joyce Silverman. This house was SUCH an awesome project to shoot. It's fun, it's happy, it's personal, and what's more, there are a million ideas that anyone could and should steal for their own homes. Every summer, Joyce, her husband and 5 children decamp to this historic NJ cottage just blocks from the beach. The house is a playground for kids and adults, she says, and I believe her! It's full of whimsey - from a signed basket ball sitting on her foyer table like art, to a giant cage for their parakeet Steve, to Jimmi … [Read more...]

Collected + Spare: June Schwarcz at home.

Its rare that you find a place with collections- the kind of collections that take lifetimes to build- that is also spare and clean. But the home of 94 year old artist¬†June Schwarcz, whose enameled ceramics and metalwork have been celebrated for nearly 6 decades. June, born in 1918, began experimenting with enamel in 1954 after some of her friends took an enamel class at the University of Denver. She broke ground by enameling electroplated, gold, silver and copper. She's since been recognized as a Living Treasure of California, and her abstract vessels and bowls have come to be synonymous … [Read more...]