Do Americans care about decorating?

If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you give more than just a crap about what your house looks like. But as Erica and all the design peeps and Lavish discussed, so many Americans don't. {You dont have to write the word home to remind yourself that you are indeed home, do you?} Erica and I got to wondering (Go read her thoughts HERE!) .... What percentage of Americans live in houses that look like they just graduated college/and or took all their furniture from their parents' basement? And Im not talking about twenty somethings either. Or poor people. Just a whole collection … [Read more...]

Impulse purchases and speaking engagements.

This picture... (Which I know I posted a day or two ago, but I couldnt resist posting it REALLY big!) made me buy these lamps at 2 am last night. I dont know if I am inspiring all of you... but sometimes I inspire myself. Haha. In OTHER NEWS... BIG NEWS: I'm going to Lavish! (Which is a design blogger conference next month in Atlanta.) And not just going..... speaking? Presenting? Paneling? Erica of Design Blahg requested that I be part of her panel, so we will be there spilling all of our  little blogging secrets! Like I always say... Pretend to be an expert long enough, and … [Read more...]

A word about grasscloth.

I bet you are wondering what this single blue rectangle on your screen is. Its one strip of wallpaper. One strip. The contractor at my MIL's apartment started putting it up and after one strip - called her to tell her that the grasscloth is "defective" and "delicate" and that she should choose something else (its already been sitting in the box for 3 months!) because it will be "damaged." The three D's..... Apparently, this wallpaper "is missing its protective coating." Now, I saw this wallpaper, it aint missing anything. Its just a freakin grasscloth wallpaper that isn't glossed over with … [Read more...]

Turquoise and Gold Banded Dinnerware: The look for less.

Every few months or so, I get an inexplicable urge to throw out everything I have and start over. Decor, kitchen utensils, pots and especially dishes... I dont know why, but I always feel like I need new ones. I keep kosher, so I always need at least two sets of dishes: Meat and Dairy. Then I start getting into: everyday dairy vs fancy/company dairy... etc. Bottom line, this is how you end up with 20 sets of dishes like my grammy. These have been on my list for a while: 5 pieces place setting at Horchow: $290 And now the look for less: Regent Dinnerware at Crate and Barrel 5 piece place … [Read more...]

Happy Pretty Stuff

Via A Gift Wrapped Life.Above four pictures are the Chatham House by Turner Davis Interiors. Via Things That SparkleVia This is Glamourous Loving the console in picture 1, walls in picture 2, pendants in picture 3, everything in picture 4, the mood in picture 5, walls and art in picture 6, and the velvet in picture 7... YOU? … [Read more...]