Things to look at today…

Every time I'm late or lazy with blogging I get an email asking if I gave birth yet... NOPE. Not yet. Here's some stuff to look at while I come up with some better post ideas. Ha. I love this room. Ill wear you this summer! Those doors are beyond. Very bare, sexy bare, not a boring bare... those black poufs are awesome. So is the desk and the frame of that chair. Snuggly. I want that dress and that face. Made this badboy for a charity auction to benifit a school... Its big! 36" x 50". Custom made painting for Naomi. And another one, this one for sale... HERE. I … [Read more...]

Spiedi Reunites… UGH.

I dont know why anyone would renew their vows. I had one wedding, and I was MORE than happy when that night was over. Renewing vows seems like a waste of time, stress and money... and you know, of course, like a publicity stunt. AGAIN. The Has-Been Celebrity Check List: 10 surgeries in one day- Check. Fake break up - Check. Blowing 10 million in a year- Check. Blaming "The Hills" for a "nightmare" wedding last year and calling this their first "REAL" wedding- CHECK. (Remember they also had that one in Mexico, but that didnt count either. Giving photos of private moments to the press- … [Read more...]

Random thoughts for a sunday morning:

Good Morning! A few random thoughts today.... 1. Congrats to Livinia who won the painting giveaway at The Zhush! A huge thank you to all who participated and to Sue for hosting! 2. Due to many requests... my lucite trays are now available with silver finished rings... 3. Some people always seem a little crazy no matter what they are doing:Mariah has the look of cukoo on her face. Although I cant help but wonder how crazy Nick is for marrying her. AND she finally figured out that she should do another holiday album. All I want for you!!!! Mr and Mrs Crazypants … [Read more...]

Gaga for the home.

So yesterday, Im browsing through Us Weekly's Hot Pics, looking for little gems to talk about like this: When I discover that they have been attempting to tackle Home Decor, in little pathetic blog like entries. Worse than that, is the fact that they are trying to meld Home Decor with pop culture. Behold: That's right. Its a post about how to translate the Lady Gaga look into home decor. Notice that they didnt tackle the meat dress. Well, no worries, cause I did it for them: Meat Dress... meet your new friend, the Meat Chair.Yea, this is real and its terrifying. And we thought … [Read more...]

Are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room?

In other words, Hiedi Montag Pratt trying to cry yesterday on TV? My heart was breaking for her parents, trying to make sense of the frankenstien their daughter has become. You could see their eyes watering up as "where did we go wrong" was like a mantra on repeat in their brains. I know where, SPENCER. Those poor, simple, sweet mountain folk raised a sweet adorbale daughter in a delightful town. Sure, she stuffed her bra with water balloons once in a while, but who knew it would come to this? Next, Whitney Eve ┬áPort and The City. There are SO MANY HOLES IN THIS STORY. 1. I still cant … [Read more...]