Glass Houses | The Hodgson House.

Across the street from Philip Johnson's Glass House, is the less well known but no less amazing private residence he designed for a family that is a bit more "livable". The house was designed in 1951 for Richard Hodgson and his family and was  restored by Craig Bassam and Scott Bellows of BassamFellows,  and now their new home. Richard Hodgson and his wife Geraldine were first visiting the 4.5 acre site, they met a man across the road who asked if they had an architect. When they said no, he offered his services. It was their new neighbor Phillip Johnson. From the NY Times: "He designed … [Read more...]

Glass House | Marcos Acayaba’s Milan House

I'm a New Yorker and proud apartment dweller, and hoarder currently out in LA and staying in an actual minimalist glass house. It's a pretty interesting experience, but more on that later. I was thumbing through Elle Decor's "Best of International Issues" edition - which is fan-fucking-tastic, and I came across the house of Brazilian architect Marcos Acayaba. Acayaba designed and built the house for his sister in law Betty Milan, giving it its name - the Milan House, in 1975 when he was just 28 and a newbie architect. The house put him on the map as a leader in modernist design in Brazil. … [Read more...]

People who live in glass houses.

The Phillip Johnson Glass House Above is The Glass House by the one and only Phillip Johnson. When it was completed in 1949, it was a groundbreaking work of modern American architecture. It became an instant sensation, and as you can see, has had a huge influence on the way a house would and could look in the future. Who wants to go on a Sketch42 field trip with me to see The Glass house? It's been fully restored and since 2007 tours are available to the public, see HERE for details. Ultimately, I think you guys know that I'm more of a "Lets buy an ol' fixer upper" of a house kinda gal. … [Read more...]