From Down Under…

Ok, so two things before we start: 1. My blog has gone a little haywire and is randomly posting drafts of blog posts from the 80's on the front of the blog. Well, not really the 80's but lets put it this way: the interview I never posted with a New Jersey antique store is so old that the store doesn't exist anymore. 2. I'm also heavily engaged in Stacy's Boot Camp in the AM and thats why my blog post is late.  and 3. Nothing makes me more stabby than seeing photos that aren't all the same size on a post, well except for blurry and crappy photos... so forgive me for using these. But thats what … [Read more...]

Up close…

Now that I've gone the route of massive, I don't think I can ever have small paintings there again! I picked these up from the framer on Friday at 4 pm! Talk about crunch time. I'm sitting and drinking my coffee and looking at these babies right now, and smiling because I love them so much. (You can click HERE , HERE  and HERE to see what the apartment looked like with the previous paintings that sold, there are also before and afters and sources listed on those posts.) Anyway, the Junior League House Tour was so much fun yesterday! Honestly, it was kind of bizarre having so many strangers … [Read more...]

At Grandma’s…

I went to visit my grandparents today... and I just had to take another picture...She's endlessly inspirational, my grandma is. Look how she framed that tapestry that my great-grandmother made. Love. Love it all. (In case you are new here, my grandmother is fabulous, her houses were decorated in the 70's and have looked that way since... but I think they should and could be in any magazine today. Someone needs to start a column that finds untouched spaces like this!) … [Read more...]

Quirktastic in Paris.

What would the internet do without quirky parisian apartments? Would it shrivel up and die without the whimsey  and quirk of the under-cooked cool-kid decorating of  The Paris Apartment? These apartments always have great architecture that makes some of us New York condo dwellers shrivel up with we-live-in-a-box jealousy. And because of said great architecture, not much needs to be done. You don't need to go all Jill Zarin on an apartment that has wood ceilings that are who knows how high, amazing windows, and spectacular doors. So many choose to go the minimal, quirky route: ( Why hello … [Read more...]


The loft of Dwell Studio founder Christiane  Lemieux. She plays around with her furniture and kids in this photoshoot for The Glow, a blog that celebrates motherhood, and we get a visual treat for the eyes. I wish I had photos like this of me with my children. That black bookcase is only made more beautiful by that gorgeous kid. And that these black beams are like little exclamation points of awesome in the room. Looks dangerous. And fun! Have a great weekend everyone! Photos via The Glow   … [Read more...]