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Eskayel at ABC.

eskayel sofa

The other day, I was making one of my biannual browsing trips at ABC Home, when I noticed that Eskayel, purveyor of gorgeously rorschach watercolor print wallpaper and fabric, has a new line of furniture consisting of sofas, chairs and poofs. I thought they were cool, snapped a few photos, albeit with an iPhone and came home to tell you about it. I think the sofa is awesome. The only criticism  would be that the linen fabric is very summery... I know, I know, it's summer. But when looking at their pillows months ago, I thought they were a bit too beach house for my apartment. If they … [Read more...]

THE COMEBACK: ZONA Pop Up Shop at Cheryl Hazan Gallery.


A few nights ago, I was invited to the opening of the ZONA pop up shop, at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery. For those too young to remember, ZONA was born in the early eighties in a slowly blossoming artsy new neighborhood called SOHO. Hard to imagine that at that time, the idea of the concept store was new and fresh and that ZONA was the pioneer of the type of home and general store that curates their offerings, celebrates the handmade, the collected and the original. Now it is common to see products that celebrate their origins, but back in the early 80's, ZONA was IT for … [Read more...]

There is a living room on the street right now.


On the street, literally, about two hours ago. Some thoughts: 1. Interesting what people throw out in NYC. 2. If its on the street, it must have bed bugs. 3. The chairs kind of look like the garbage bags they are sitting next to. 4. But they also look like some of those Kelly Wearstler chairs. 5. We should start a drinking game, have a shot every time a blog mentions KW. We'd all be drunk. 6. These are those chairs, arent they, except with leather upholstery?  Should I be running to get them, bed bugs and all? I seriously would, if it weren't for the 10 extra chairs … [Read more...]

See me in the D Pages!

D Pages Cover

OMG- my face is gigantic and on the cover of The D Pages, an online magazine about all things design! This is kind of insane. I'm still baffled that anyone anywhere gives a crap about what I have to say, let alone to make my face gigantic, put some Didot typeface over it and to interview me. I think we all have fantasies where we are starring in our own little mini-movie called Life, I'm just so shocked and flattered that all of you tune into my channel. THANK YOU! Go read the interview HERE!  … [Read more...]

From Down Under…

david hicks

Ok, so two things before we start: 1. My blog has gone a little haywire and is randomly posting drafts of blog posts from the 80's on the front of the blog. Well, not really the 80's but lets put it this way: the interview I never posted with a New Jersey antique store is so old that the store doesn't exist anymore. 2. I'm also heavily engaged in Stacy's Boot Camp in the AM and thats why my blog post is late.  and 3. Nothing makes me more stabby than seeing photos that aren't all the same size on a post, well except for blurry and crappy photos... so forgive me for using these. But thats what … [Read more...]