You are what you eat.

Top o' the morning to ya! How are you all? Good? Good. Me? I've totally lost it. Cried watching this video last night, and my sisters are placing bets on how soon I'll be pregnant again. (The consensus is within two months.) Husband doesn't know how to deal with Emotional Nicole, and neither do I! Ok, moving on from the heaping pile of sobs that I've become. Today I'm talking about Mark Menjivar's series You Are What You Eat. Portraits of people, by way of refrigerator contents. Somehow they are deeply private and personal, but at the same time, not... Mark claims one person likened the … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Inside Chobani Soho.

  I know its Saturday, I'm late with the post. Too bad. I've previously been something of a bah humbug about the Chobani store. I'm more of a Fage girl myself, and why would I need or want to go to a Chobani store? I think I kind of disapproved of Chobani's popularity when I KNOW that Fage is the better yogurt. Like I was offended on the part of Fage. And anyway, what the heck could they possibly have there? Well, a few weeks ago I was in Soho with  my friend Caroline of The Nine Month Project and she wanted to go check it out. We ended up leaving with 6 yogurts between us and … [Read more...]

Detox Kale Salad.

Do you also feel like crap? You do. This is my favorite salad to make at home for myself, and I  generally hate making food when its just for me. I'm impatient so I  just eat cereal from the box, or junk unless I've cooked for everyone, or I'm eating out. Or I just starve and get really cranky, then eat junk. My mood is directly proportionate to my physical comfort. I know that about myself, so I have to try to mitigate the problems before they start. Anyway: Kale + any fruit, but grapefruit is my favorite and makes me feel instantly better, (incidentally, its also my favorite mixer for … [Read more...]

The Weekender: Eggs in a pepper ring.

I don't know why I thought this was cool enough to actually do.... I saw it on lifehacker  yesterday and at first I was just going to repost and snag a photo, but then I was sitting in the kitchen with my kid and I thought, this is easy enough! Why not!?! The recipe is pretty basic, grease a pan, place a pepper ring cut about 1/3 of an inch on the pan. Crack your egg into it. Some will spill out from underneath, but just press down on the ring. The only thing you have to do is wait a few minutes and then cover the pan with a lid so that the top of the egg cooks. Ours turned out soft but … [Read more...]

My Thanksgiving Table.

  Im taking a quick break from cooking to post a peek and my thanksgiving table. It's not totally done yet... (and I know some of the napkins aren't ironed properly. Working on that now!) My inspiration was the chinoiserie-like tables of Joe Nye. Obviously, I'm a little twit compared to him. And I just don't have all the supplies(because when I was getting married and people were giving me stuff, I was not educated or interested and so I ended up with weak resources.) I used the versace plates my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift along with my gold ware. The tablecloth is a … [Read more...]