Cheerleader The Movie

My friends made a movie! Irving Franco, a childhood friend of mine, released his first film Cheerleader last year and is quickly being recognized in film festivals around the world. He's being called  "one of the most unique and intriguing new voices in indie film." and the film has been called "a brilliantly insane style piece, but with a surprising amount of heart. It feels like a collision of The Virgin Suicides and Election, but, at the same time, is wholly its own film. " The movie's title lends to a simple notion of a young, doe-eyed cheerleader and when we meet Mickey, she is just … [Read more...]

Happy Accidents.

A few months ago, I took my trusty HOLGA (you know, those toy cameras you see in Urban Outfitters,) with the family to Central Park. I loved all of the pictures, but the mistakes, the double exposures, the half frame photos were just magical. I think I kept forgetting if I wound the wheel or not and accidentally took photos on top of each other! Happy accidents. The Holga camera was designed by T. M. Lee in 1981, and first appeared outside China in 1982 with its appearance in Hong Kong. At the time, 120 rollfilm in black-and-white was the most widely available film in mainland … [Read more...]

The Wonderful World of Jimmy Marble.

I found Jimmy Marble via Instagram ?!? and have been loving his photos and really ENJOYING his feed for months now. 2012. Whew. What a world. We all talk about the negative impacts of technology and how instagram is killing the actual enjoyment of life, etc... but look how I was able to find and connect with an artist who lives 3,000 miles away in LA? I find that while instagram is fun for seeing what your friends are up to, the best parts are seeing what photographers, artists and just generally cool people around the world see. Like, seeing that its summer in Australia every day, that's … [Read more...]

First Point.

I can't get enough of the Cynthia Rowley/Roxy collaboration wetsuits. Beyond awesome, and the photos of it in action are beautiful, sexy, girly, retro and somehow a little tragic. (Of course, when I am reborn as an athletic musician, surfing is going to be one of my hobbies along with horse racing!) Here is Lindsay Lohan wearing it in artist Richard Phillips' film First Point  showing in Art Basel this week. Everyone is talking about this film. I can see how she would be intriguing to an artist, even if she isn't particularly interesting as an artist herself. She does look … [Read more...]