Brand You Need to Know | The Arrivals NYC

I'm in love with this brand's aesthetic and over all vibe. It's so clean and architectural, sculptural, and all about lines. Which is not surprising, because The Arrivals NYC was created by former Architect, Jeff Johnson, and Kal Vepuri, (both began with ZERO experience in the fashion industry). The brand's mission is to "connect the creative community through collaborative design and innovation." Their passion for balanced design and craftsmanship comes through in their products. Plus everything is reasonably priced - for very well made outerwear, that is. Their Instagram page is pretty … [Read more...]

It’s now cool to be uncool.

Or fashionable to be unfashionable. This post on THE CUT about "normcore" which is basically that now all the cool kids wear fleece and Nikes like the rest of America. "Sometime last summer I realized that, from behind, I could no longer tell if my fellow Soho pedestrians were art kids or middle-aged, middle-American tourists. Clad in stonewash jeans, fleece, and comfortable sneakers, both types looked like they might’ve just stepped off an R-train after shopping in Times Square."  This is a DIRECT RESULT of #selfie culture. It's backlash to hipster, blogger-driven, instant fashion, dead in … [Read more...]

On Catwalks.

Today I found the tumblr of the event planning company BUREAU BETAK. Founded 20 years ago by the creative director and producer Alexandre de Betak, the Bureau specializes in fashion shows and special events and operates worldwide. We've seen many of these shows before around the web. But I like looking at the stages, so many of them in a row, everything all set and ready and neat, and each so different... Each such a world unto itself. It's a really a massively impressive body of work, and their tumblr presents it so un-stingily, with huge glorious pictures. Many of them. Enjoy. MICHAEL KORS … [Read more...]

April, May.

Today I'm digging the Fall look book of the Paris based fashion line April, May. Founded by Diane Goldstein (the daughter of an architect and sculptor) and her husband in 2005, the brand claims to be the rock, classic + feminine all at once... The quintessential Parisian. It's classic menswear meets rocker chic. I have a lot of love for trousers paired with beat up sneakers and long simple coats. Almost makes me excited for Fall. Available HERE, andHERE … [Read more...]

Sharks are trending right now.

It's not every day that my two under 20 year old sisters think I look even remotely cool. Usually they tell me how certain things are for "KIDS" a group of which I am no longer a part of, and how my car is a "mom car." But yesterday I walked in wearing an H&M Conscious Collection (I cant even hear the alliteration of two C's together without thinking "Konscious Kollection" in my mind. UGH.) and some $8 mirrored faux Rayban's that I bought online after Cass linked to em last week and they both screamed "LOVE that dress! Lemme borrow it!" Scored with the kiddies! So of course we decided to … [Read more...]