How to throw an awesome backyard movie night.

Hi! Last week was a doozy! I was a bridesmaid in Courtney's wedding, interviewed Leandra, founder of  Man Repeller in front of hundreds of women for Women Exceed, a non profit I work with that helps women entrepreneurs, and last, I threw our first party at the new house, a backyard movie night for Cookie's 8th birthday. I don't think I ever EVER had a party this fun in my entire life! The night was warm, the kids were so happy, after the party was over the adults sat up drinking beer and eating left over birthday cake in the tent until midnight. It had the vibes of an amazing summer night... I … [Read more...]

My Thanksgiving Table.

  Im taking a quick break from cooking to post a peek and my thanksgiving table. It's not totally done yet... (and I know some of the napkins aren't ironed properly. Working on that now!) My inspiration was the chinoiserie-like tables of Joe Nye. Obviously, I'm a little twit compared to him. And I just don't have all the supplies(because when I was getting married and people were giving me stuff, I was not educated or interested and so I ended up with weak resources.) I used the versace plates my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift along with my gold ware. The tablecloth is a … [Read more...]

What I’m Making for Thanksgiving Dinner!

When I first started this blog, the tagline was "Fashion. Food. Furniture." However, much to my husband's dismay, I now tag it as "Art. Design. Fashion." wherever you need to put a tagline, like on my business card, for example... (One friend saw the card and said- I am looking at this, and I still have no idea what you do! HA!!!) Anyway... So basically, I don't BRING IT in the cooking  department that often. Sure, I cobble together meals and throw together food-stuffs, but I don't give it the attention and love that cooking really good food needs and deserves. BUT! I'm making … [Read more...]

Banded China: The look for less.

You guys know how I am obsessed with Haviland China, and wish I bought it when I got married and had credits at various stores etc, and how I will have it one day (my husband actually made this deal with me last year: cook x number of times, and he would be HAPPY to buy me the china. I failed.) Anyway... West Elm just came out with these banded desert plates, and they are dead ringers, in a more pastel, french macaroon kinda way. I haven't seen them in person yet, but they look great in the pictures. I wish they came as a full set... but I feel like the desert plate is a great size for … [Read more...]

From The Barcart: The Ultimate Gin + Tonic

There is nothing like 4 hours in Central Park with a toddler with no stroller to get you in the, holy crap I need a drink and why don't they have happy hour for moms, mode. I used to be a greyhound girl (fresh squeezed grapefruit only please!) now I've got a new drink. Brooklyn Gin+ Fever Tree Tonic. Those brands in particular. Brooklyn Gin is a super delish locally made  and mostly hand made gin (local for me, anyhow) and Fever Tree is the most awesome tonic I've ever tasted.It doesn't taste like club soda with a pound of corn syrup, it actually has a distinct, fragrant smell and … [Read more...]