This Apartment.

The Paris Apartment of Sylvie de Chirée, editorial director of ELLE DECORATION France. Because of course. Via Elle Decor.   … [Read more...]

The Best Room I’ve Seen Lately: Yvan Mispelaere.

The home of french designer Yvan Mispelaere is probably the best thing I've seen in a while. I was thumbing through this month's Elle Decor, and this was BY FAR my favorite feature. The home,  a loft that Mispelaere converted from a former circus trainer's gym to a home with the help of architect Stéphane Ghestem, was also featured in a 2012 issue of Elle Decor Italia, and incidentally, on its cover. There are only 2 doors in the entire apartment, the front door, and the door to the bathroom. All other parts of the home are arranged into little nooks. The kitchen sits inside that 3 walled … [Read more...]

The Modern Eclectic: Room Inspo.

I feel like a lot of us are trying to reconcile our maximalist Hollywood Regency urges of 4 years ago, with our desire for clean and simple modernity in 2013. At least I am. All of these rooms kind of do that for me. And this is kind of where I am taking my apartment these days... things are looking very fresh up at my house, still not fully done, but my mom said it looked to spare, which is just what I was going for. The thing about having a cleaner look, is that things actually need to be cleaner. The little piles of clutter and extra vases I have everywhere really kill the look, so I'm … [Read more...]

Can Do No Wrong.

It's almost too easy to blog about the newly minted Manhattan offices of Aerin, a new business venture by Can-Do-N0-Wrong design darling Aerin Lauder. The woman is just so damn tasteful. And by that I mean, the arbiter of good taste, not just a person who acts and designs appropriately, although she does that too. When in Aspen, she does Aspen, PERFECTLY. Her ski chalet is what all ski chalet's DREAM of being when they grow up. When in NYC, she does NYC glamour, and when she is the Hamptons she does the best damn coastal chic you could imagine. It doesn't hurt that her go-to decorator is … [Read more...]

Moody Broody.

Two moody apartments in Elle Decor, the first is a largely concrete converted air raid bunker in Berlin.    And the second, is the ebayed and lacquered home of stylist Jackie Astier. What do you guys think of it? I already got some emails from people telling me how much they loved it, BUT I read a few people online saying black lacquer, brass apartments are "Played Out"...   I mean, it has a lot of similar elements as my apartment, and you know I'm sick of that... But I still think its really well done, and I like … [Read more...]