DIYing for RUE!

Check out the new issue of Rue Magazine, and hop over to page 74 where I'm working my magic on some polymer clay - making that rad necklace you see me wearing, also faux Givenchy youth/claw earrings, big fat black and white balls and some bangles (and also my hair is frizzy). Monochrome, leather, the 80's and Diet Coke forever baby! (I'm wearing an Aiko sweatshirt -similar HERE, the white and beige leather pants I blogged about earlier HERE, and studded Dolce pumps from 10 years ago.) … [Read more...]

DIY: Otrera Scarf Tray

I was given this beautiful Evil Eye scarf by the company Otrera and asked to come up with a DIY. (It actually killed me to use such a fabulous scarf in a DIY, but thankfully I had an extra!) My family has middle eastern roots, so the evil eye has a lot of meaning around these parts. I'm personally not superstitious, but many folks think the evil eye protects them from the jealousy of others, including supposed well-wishers. It's so powerful that people think that wearing turquoise, saying the number 5 (which references the hamsa), and wearing the evil eye in public is considered a bit taboo- … [Read more...]

In the Trenches.

I havent posted anything about fashion in a loooong while, because I'm a doofus, NOT a fashion blogger. But yesterday I had a little speaking engagement back in the big city... I was on a panel discussing DIY and Social Curation at the Social Curation Summit hosted by MediaBistro. What the what? So I wore what David calls my "Pee Wee Herman Dress" Also known as an oversized, on sale, Boy. by Band of Outsiders score. I love this dress... I paired it with 6 year old Dries Van Noten brown sandals, one of the best things I've ever bought, and here's where it gets fun: A necklace made by Cookie and … [Read more...]

Vacation DIY: Embroidered Beach Hat.

Hola Folks! Sooooo...While on vacation I didn't really WORK but I did spontaneously decide to embroider my hat while siting at Bonj Les Bains one day. Ya see, everyone was wearing straw hats in Croatia, and while I typically look like a toolbag in hats, when in Rome- right? So I happened to have embroidery thread and a needle on hand (I'm working on a badass needle point but thats a story for another day!) and when the DIY twitch kicked in (around when the needlepoint got boring), I indulged. I basically just made it up as I went along, combining X shapes, Starburst type shapes and little … [Read more...]

Sketch42 & The Man Repeller Do DIY!

My friend Leandra, of Man Repeller fame came to me with a little project idea... A pair of never hit production Chloe pumps crossed her path, and she had the Eureka! moment all of us crafters have had at one point at another: The "I COULD DO THAT" moment. So we had a little DIY for Duh-mmies date at my apartment and made a project! The results are pretty stunning and their goodness is twofold: 1. They were the easiest things in the world to make and 2. They look SO LEGIT. And no it's not lost on me that she is wearing a pair of elegant Louboutin DIY'ed pumps and I'm in my painted … [Read more...]