DIY: Simple Tube Necklaces

With jewelry, I either like things really chunky and ornate, or so simple, tiny and chic. Tiny jewelry is so underrated. Like, for example, I have this insanely skinny diamond band that looks like a wedding band except for the fact that it's so thin, and I wear it on my index or middle finger. I get more compliments on that than I do on my actual wedding band! So I've been inspired by all my favorite skinny, dainty and simple things to create this really easy and cool necklace set. The DIY is basically just attaching jump rings to chain, I even feel like to see the finished product is to know … [Read more...]

DIY: Tiny Tassel Tutorial

This one is pretty easy... and I love these teeny weeny tassels. So cute. Basically you need embroidery thread and a scissor. 1.Cut about a yard, yard and a half of embroidery thread. 2. Start folding it, and folding it until you make a little bundle. 3. Take another thread- the GREEN one here- about 12", and tie a tight knot in the middle of the bundle. (I used contrasting colors, but you can use the same color thread to make your tassels look more polished. 4. Take both green strings, pull them to the top, and fold the two sides of the yellow bundle down. 5. Take another piece … [Read more...]

DIY: Needlepoint Belt.

Oh hey guys, notice anything new about me? Oh, well, how 'bout the NEEDLEPOINT BELT that I made in JULY that is finally here! Finally!!! I started this project in Croatia. I went to Stitches's NJ location (there main store is in Gravesend Brooklyn) right before my trip and we custom designed this pattern, the colors, the stitches and measured it to fit. Stitches hand paints each needlepoint to order. "I want it to look like I found it in the $5 bin at a garage sale," I told Morris, the owner. Yup. Mission accomplished. I worked on the belt all summer, but since Stitches had never made a belt … [Read more...]

DIY: Shearling Cape.

Another thing that #thatbitchsandy took away from the People of New York is Fall. She came, she took the leaves, the foliage, and about 20-30 degrees.  Ok, so now what? Winter clothes. I actually thought of this because of Jon Snow's Game of Thrones super sexiness in his coats and shearlings, and north of the wall black. Amazing how good looking that boy is. WOW. This is the easiest DIY you will ever do. It takes about 2 minutes total. You will need: I used an old Ikea shearling rug, They make both real and faux. Scissors, good ones. A coat, cape, or jacket with buttons not zippers. … [Read more...]

DIY: The Big Ugly T-Shirt.

I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, but in 2012 a t-shirt is not the shirt of years past, unless we are talking about the year 1983. It's boxy. It's thick and not gauzy and thin. It looks like the t-shirt you got for free when you joined the Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society, or the type you stole from your boyfriend to sleep in. Except now its in fashion. Every single designer is making t-shirts like this, the uglier the better, I think the official term is "Graphic T"? Anyway, I've been itching to play with some iron on paper. ITCHING, I tell you. I thought about it … [Read more...]