My favorite moments at the Kips Bay Showhouse.

And what we can learn from them! Last week marked the 44th opening of the annual Kips Bay Showhouse. I think they bring in over a million dollars each year for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls club with this show, plus it's like the gold standard in show houses. I thought this particular show, held in the for sale- $49.5 million dollar Carlton house mansion, which is across the street from Barney's- was a really good one! There were a few rooms for me that were absolute show stoppers, but every room was lovely and had something that I admired, and something to be mentally filed away for … [Read more...]


We made it! It's here. The end of the six week madness that is the One Room Challenge. I found the ORC to be challenging for sure, but also fun and exciting once I got the ball rolling. The thing is, this concept doesn't seem THAT hard when you are starting the project... It seems simple, oh ok, you order a bunch of stuff, it comes, you install, you're done. The challenge is that you have to make decisions quickly, act on them quickly - no products lingering in carts for weeks like normal - and then you have to execute them in lightening speed, trouble shooting and fixing the … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo

Suffice to say this may be the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. Monsieur Bleu, the restaurant in the Palais De Tokyo (It's kind of hard to find as there are two other eateries on site. This one is on the Avenue de New York, on the river, around the corner from the entrance to the Palais.) French architect Joseph Dirand envisioned and shaped the space around a fictional character, Monsieur Bleu. Elegant and cultivated, mysterious and suave, Monsieur Bleu is a true bourgeois gentleman, artist, gastronome and dandy that lives simultaneously within and outside the codes of the … [Read more...]


A few weeks ago, my good friend Beca - founder of Fashion Indie and Socialyte - called me to help her out with her new apartment. Beca and I go way back - Socialyte and I used to share studio space way back when. Now Beca had just been separated and this was the first time in her adult life that she was living alone. While many design people love fashion and many fashion people love design, sometimes people just know what they like or don't like, but don't know how to get there. I met up with Beca at her new place, she had been there for a few months, and she had a few really great pieces, but … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Roberto Baciocchi’s Tuscan Home.

The architect for Prada’s stores, Roberto Baciocchi's Tuscan home is absolutely gorgeous. The beams in the ceiling, stone walls in the kitchen, the carved knives designed by Baciocchi himself, the circular fur bed, its all just too good! In the entry, Gio Ponti chairs and chests from the 1950s. The abstract wall paintings throughout the house were done by an artist friend. The house is a series of 13th- to 16th-century buildings that Baciocchi combined. He preserved 16th century walls, beams and and 18th century frescos in much of the house, and paired with with modern furniture, velvet sofas … [Read more...]