Palm Springs, by way of New Jersey.

Good Morning! Yesterday I went over to my friends house for a cup of coffee and was greeted with this! Delightful! Iced coffee, home made muffins and a super chic parrot tray? YES! So I snapped a few pictures and promptly informed her that she would be on the blog tomorrow. ┬áLater that day, I hit up the antiquated, quaint and kitschy town of Ocean Grove for lunch (Yes, it is all three of those things.) And it got me thinking about New Jersey style. I think New Jersey has been getting a bad rap - It's not all gilded mansions, and marble mausoleums (Echem, Teresa...) it's mostly all of the … [Read more...]

Neon Brights

I'm loving neons lately, as you can tell by looking at the contents of my Etsy shop... and I am loving them in interiors. They are so fun and they add a nice playfulness to a room. I have an idea for some neon artwork that I am going to make for my living room... (Isn't it so unsurprising that as soon as Im done I have to change things?!?) Marie Claire Maison, Domino,Alchemie, Living Etc, Frank Roop in MET Home, Via Material Girls. Do you do the neon thing? I love hot pink, acid yellow and lime green... In doses. A tray, an ikat pillow, a vase, a piece of art... Fun and easy to switch … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger/Brooklyn: Brooklyn Limestone

Hi, Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone here. Thanks to Nicole for having me. When I was asked for my favorite inspirational design sources in Brooklyn and I have to admit nothing really popped in mind. (Not that there aren't many wonderful shops and artists there - there absolutely are. Impossible to pick just one!) So instead of picking just one store or designer I thought it might be fun to do a little photo tour of Brooklyn itself - a huge source of inspiration for me. I love the many faces of my hometown. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality. Its like visiting a new city … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger/Boca Raton: Reluctant Floridian

Greetings from...well, not Palm Beach. I'm Rebecca, aka the Reluctant Floridian, and I live in Boca Raton, the punchline of many jokes about old people. (Totally true, btw.) Florida style is tricky. I want it to look like a Slim Aarons photo. Specifically, this: But it often goes towards excess. Think Carmela Soprano kitchens and custom-painted Lamborghinis with vanity plates. Imagine women of a certain age poured into ensembles appropriate for teenagers, with enough plastic surgery to pay for a college education. I will not subject you to images of such horrors, but trust that they … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger/Brooklyn: Design Blahg

By Erica of┬áDesign Blahg. I've lived in Brooklyn for almost five years now and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. Well, mostly. I hate Williamsburg and I h-a-t-e the whole hipster, Urban Outfitters to the miggity max vibe of that particular sub-segment of the population. I *know* you know what I'm talking about. This annoying couple from the recent New York mag home issue is the perfect example. Neo Victorians, my ass: (Photo via Between the old radio, the creaky ancient floor that's been finished 9 times and the ugly-assed chairs that were probably picked out of the trash, I want to … [Read more...]