Swimming Pool Glimmering, Darling.

Swimming pool Glimmering darling White bikini off with my red nail polish Watch me in the swimming pool Bright blue ripples, you Sitting sipping on your black Cristal, yeah. -Lana del Rey My Mediterranean-beautiful sisters wear vintage bikinis and lounge in the pool for my camera- and you know, in real life.  … [Read more...]

That would look great in my….

This brand spanking new painting, ever so aptly titled "That would look GREAT in my Deal house!" is going up for auction at the Lottie's Kitchen charity event tomorrow.  It's a  beautiful charity, held every year in loving memory of a phenomenal cook and woman, that in conjunction with Ezer Mizion provides meals and care to families of the chronically and terminally ill in Israel. Of course, I'm always happy to donate paintings to charities.... BUT they are inevitably clumped together time-wise and I can't help that it makes me a little nervous to have a group of people standing around … [Read more...]