Bachelor Pad: The Sources!

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! I totally loved doing this place, so it makes me glad that you guys get what I was going for and like the work I did! I mean, I birthed this space: design, art, photographed! I even built half the furniture in here, which was not a good thing for anyone involved. What I like about this space, is that everything is stuff almost anyone could buy. Its nothing D&D, it's not really anything secret or only available to decorators, its simple stuff...and all together it cost about the same as if someone just went into a Crate and Barrel and said … [Read more...]

My favorite new things around the web.

As much as I love a good sale, I absolutely LOVE when there are new fun products in stores that we aren't sick to death of seeing yet... And I also love getting catalogs. Like a lot. Even bad and boring ones like Smith & Noble... (And now after I read them I throw them right in the garbage, instead of letting them pile up. It's my new life.) Anyway, there are exciting things happening! West elm has goldware! PB Teen has the furry chair that everyone is going to put with a parsons desk or mirrored vanity in 2 months, you'll know when you see it all over pinterest that I called it. Jamie … [Read more...]

My favorite pillows from around the web.

Everyone has a pillow formula. Some people like a bunch of mismatched pillows, some like a totally symmetrical look etc... I personally like two solid pillows on either end of the couch, then I like two printed colorful pillows in front of those, and then I sometimes throw in another different pillow in the middle of the couch, sometimes its a lumbar. On beds, I always like big euros and a roll. I LOVE a roll. For me, pillows are as much about the texture as they are about the print. Using pillows to add a texture as well as an additional pattern to your room are key. For example: If your … [Read more...]

Capiz Shell Placemats: High/Low

I saw someone buying these Kim Seybert Capiz Shell placemats in Bergdorf's the other day and I kindly, or what I thought was kindly, told her that Crate & Barrel has almost identical ones for 1/5 the price. She stuck with BG's. So now I'll tell you. High: $65 each Low: $16.95 So they arent EXACTLY the same, but for $48 cheaper EACH, I would stick with C&B. It's not like you just need 1 placemat! $48 x 12 = $576 worth of savings! … [Read more...]

Springy Napkins

My delightful (haha) husband insists on cloth napkins EVERY NIGHT.... These are my new favorite napkins for spring. 1. Crate & Barrel Butterfly Print Napkin $4.95 … [Read more...]