Every room needs // a funky chair.

There is just no excuse for boring chairs. Period. The end. I've got 99 problems and chairs are all of those problems.  1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 … [Read more...]

Chair Harvest.

Last night, I posted the living room on the street. I normally dont post at night like that, but I felt like maybe someone would want to go pick them up, or something, it felt like it needed immediate attention. Within a minute, Christian May told me, yes, those were Tobia Scarpa chairs, and in fact worth thousands. I googled. Apparently, they are selling for almost $9,000 dollars on 1st Dibs! So I literally dropped everything and ran to the corner where I saw them. By that time, the sofa was gone, and there were heaps of garbage bags, lamps, luggage trunks etc all around them.... It looks … [Read more...]

There is a living room on the street right now.

On the street, literally, about two hours ago. Some thoughts: 1. Interesting what people throw out in NYC. 2. If its on the street, it must have bed bugs. 3. The chairs kind of look like the garbage bags they are sitting next to. 4. But they also look like some of those Kelly Wearstler chairs. 5. We should start a drinking game, have a shot every time a blog mentions KW. We'd all be drunk. 6. These are those chairs, arent they, except with leather upholstery?  Should I be running to get them, bed bugs and all? I seriously would, if it weren't for the 10 extra chairs … [Read more...]

Jamie Herzlinger Design…

This week Erica of Design Blahg and I have a party and dinner date with the woman behind these designs: (Dont these chairs look like my grandma's? Shows how awesome grammy is. Or is it how awesome Jamie is?) This campaign desk, and the two campaign style bathrooms below freakin SLAY me. Especially love that bevelled mirror... and the black and white floors... Balloon Shades in a bathroom. Wow. Look at that molding... what is that? Studs? Look at the molding around the door, there is mirror in the door way... attention to detail people! Graphic rugs and clean lines... Mixed patterns … [Read more...]

Lucite + Ikat: Another vintage score.

I rescued this little stool from a local antique shop... I decided to have it covered with a piece of ikat that I had laying around... I used a local upholsterer because I was impatient. He accidentally cut the fabric in the wrong spot and had to seam it... He didn't charge me and is willing to change it for free... BUT I have no more of that fabric. Now: Keep as is, redo, or sell? Lord knows I do not need another scrap of lucite in my house, but I just couldn't let it go. … [Read more...]